discreet messages

  1. L

    Quiet discreet lad in North Yorkshire

    Hello, just joined this site and hoping to meet bi/curious discreet males who enjoy a massage. I’m no expert but love massaging a guy. Drop me a message if this catches your attention..
  2. milo1730

    90% straight and from chicago?

    Do you live a straight lifestyle? Identify as straight, look straight. Not effeminate? Possibly married? Divorced? But feel a blowjob is a blowjob from a guy or girl? Feel it’s Taboo with a guy, but can still get hard at the thought? Discreetly occasionally go to an adult bookstore with a glory...
  3. RoxyRoyce

    Availability signals for married women to available men.

    With anklets being unsuitable for many occasions [workouts & casual outfits] and overly obvious in many situations, it has been revealed to me recently about the use of thumb rings to send subtle messages to men and my availability as a discreet sex partner. Can someone with direct knowledge...