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  1. heisenbergwhite1

    Danny Mabbott - 18 y/o Scottish Diver

    Team Scotland diver from Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games, extremely cute. Thought I'd start a thread since nobodies mentioned him yet.
  2. F

    Tyler Downs

    Just Turned 18, cant wait for him in the Olympics.
  3. R

    Hung Norwegian Emil Lybekk

    Just found out about this super hot Norwegian guy who does death diving: Login • Instagram In many of his videos he jumps off bridges in his underwear and has a massive bulge (for example ). I could find this 2 videos where he jumps into the water naked, but unfortunately you can't see...
  4. N

    Youtuber (dallmyd )

    he's name is jake he's so cute his youtube channel( dallmyd) anyone got anything on him???