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dominate me

  1. H

    31 sub hung bottom to be dom’ed

    Hi, 31 M Canada Sub bottom into : being dominated, edged, humiliated, etc. 7.5’’ uncut Looking for verbal dom top 18-40 y.o. Must have cam, mic & show face MSG me with asl if interestes
  2. D

    Submissive Throat Fuck (personal Videos)

    Hello all! I am new to this site but SO glad I have stumbled upon it. I am extremely into being dominated and throat fucked. I have attached some of my own personal videos. I like to think of myself as pretty talented :) I would LOVE to see some of your favorite throat fucking/domination type...
  3. Pigsubslut

    Any Straight Guys Want To Use Abuse And Humiliate A Slut

    Belong on my knees and love choking on dick. Toys, poppers, role play. Rough and sleazy. Hoping to be treated like a worthless fuck hole
  4. Bigtittiesvirgin


    Wish more people would tribute me :( Really love them. I've only had a few over the years. Particularly love the video tributes. There's something about watching a guy tug on his big dick, talking dirty to me that really turns me on. Anyone interested? I'll be happy to reward anyone who wants to...