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  1. O

    Photo [hunt] Who Is This Verbal Kinky Stud?

    Ran across this guy in some videos today and was wondering who he is? (I'm new here so not sure how to post the photos without a link?) Heres the video Dom OnlyFans Slave Porn GIF by onthehunt Thanks. ;)
  2. Bubbleo

    Are You Into Petite Guys?

    Hey there~ i was just curious if bigger guys are interested in fucking/loving petite twinks. I personally have that kink.. i guess the desire for a much taller guy to be protective over me and make me his through brutal fucking and dominance.. What i’ve seen is that Manlier guys, tend to...
  3. 1

    What An Alpha Likes

    (If this thread has already been posted let me know) As a submissive guy like myself I'm always curious to know what a dominate man or an alpha enjoys, prefers and expect from a submissive guy and I realize it differs a whole lot but its always good (and very hot) to get some tips and learn a...