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double penetrating

  1. X

    Tips on DP?

    Provide any tips you have on someone wanting to stretch their hole to prepare for an anal double penetration?
  2. T

    Hot Gay Dp Thread

    Lately I have been on the search for hot double penetration videos. I especially love the look of disbelief on a guy's face when the second huge cock pushes its way in. I've only done it once myself, and it was with two really hung guys. Fuck was that intense! I'll start with two I really...
  3. G

    Who Has Had A Mmf Threesome With A Male Friend?

    I recently had an excellent sexual encounter with one of my best friends from college and his new girlfriend he has been fucking casually for a few months. We all went out last weekend and got super drunk. I was staying over his place and this girl he met and has been having sex with for a while...