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dumb shit

  1. WVUGuy29

    Hung Italian On Onlyfans

    4/10 would not recommend. I found him on TikTok and decided to see how much it was. Luckily I got it for $3.50 for 31 days but I’ve done turned off renewal bc it’s shit. I paid $6.50 for a photo and a 3:32 long video of him and some dude rubbing cocks thru their undies as well as them laying...
  2. HungThickProf


    I have been coming to this site on and off for the past 13 years. I have had the opportunity to speak with A LOT of people. You'd be amazed at some of the people I've gotten to know over the years or pornstars I've cammed with (met and fucked, strangely enough). There was a guy I would chat with...