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  1. E

    Photo Anybody know who this is & where this is from?

    I’ve seen it for so many years & I’ve never been able to find it!
  2. N

    Cum swallowing / eating collection

    Please share your cum swallowing or eating collection here
  3. D

    Video Sniffing and rimming video. Who are they?

    Ok, so I've seen this video a couple of times on Twitter but no knows who they are. If someone knows, please let me know! This is how rimming should be: passionate and tender.
  4. D

    Cum Omelete

    Which would be the best way to make a cum omelet ? Do I put eggs in a bowl then add my cum and whisk before cooking or add my cum to the eggs once in the pan. Also thinking of adding to melted chocolate
  5. C

    Straight Guys Eating Their Own Load

    Any videos of straight/straight acting guys jacking off and then tasting their own cum? Something like:
  6. A

    Id this cock sucker

    Can anyone identify this guy? Is he on xtube or somewhere? So far I managed to find 4 videos of him. Thanks in advance. 1. 2. 3. 4. GLORYHOLE MAN JUICE