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  1. D

    CF Eli - Help Finding Video

    Looking for the full video. Anyone know where I can find it? The full video used to be online but I can’t find it anymore. Does anyone know if he’s done any more porn?
  2. C

    Eli Hunter: World's Biggest Whore?

    Eli Hunter is the definition of a cumdumpster! He's the type that has no standards would let anyone fuck and breed him! He's probably the biggest whore that's ever been in gay porn if not the biggest whore who's ever walked on the earth. He's super slutty, easy, and trashy, but it's hot. He'll...
  3. C

    Gio And Eli Rivera (youtubers)

    Anyone have anything on either of them? I know Eli just recently turned 18 but Gio is 23 so there’s liable to be something on him??
  4. M


    Does anyone please have any nudes or other pics of this gorgeous man please? :heart_eyes: Would appreciate anyone showing their collection of mr_kid lol