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embarrassed naked men

  1. Z

    Video Towel drop at the beach...

    I've always loved this clip of a cute, naked surfer getting his towel yanked off by his buddy at the beach. Does anyone know who these guys are?
  2. B

    Photos & Videos Guys losing their swimming trunks/pantsed swimming trunks

    Photos, videos, links, maybe stories (if you have) boys getting naked at beach, swimming pool, everywhere by losing trunks, pantsing, dissolved trunks prank or anyway! (I havent found similar thread yet so do it).
  3. D

    New member. London 50 y/o NM sub

    Hi there, New member. London based sub NM here. 50 y/o hoping to connect with an understanding, patient dominant man, around my age or older for mutual exploration into a sub/DOM ongoing encounter.
  4. G

    Embarrassed Guys in Boxers

    I wanted to make a thread for pictures/videos/stories of guys being stripped down to their boxers. I love situations where guys lose their clothes whether their stripped, pantsed, lose their clothes somehow and end up in their underwear. I specifically prefer boxer shorts (plaid, striped...
  5. Servo

    Photos & Videos Enm - Embarrassed Naked Men

    Here's a thread for all things ENM. CMNM, CFNM, Pantsing, Wardrobe Malfunctions, Accidental Nudity, Pranks, Embarrassing Situations, etc.
  6. L

    Clothed Male With Nude Males Or Embarrassed Naked/in Underwear Men

    I think I found that I have a bit of a thing for guys in unfortunate, embarrassing situations...getting locked out naked, being the only guy naked (especially if they have a boner) you get the idea... I've searched and found some nice stuff - anyone have more like these?
  7. Pantsdownbitsout

    Enm - Featuring Me!

    So I recently modelled for my Twitter friend (all credit to @particolarguy) for an ENM (Embarrassed Naked Male) story. Here’s part 1… hope you like! Part 2 coming soon! My Twitter is @PDBO6 if you want to follow :)
  8. Il2wu51

    Discovering Cocks At The Y - Part 1

    Part 1 - The YMCA Weekday afternoons at the local YMCA were a great time to get in a focused workout because the gym was almost completely deserted. In fact, most of the members were businessmen and exercised either at lunchtime or after work. The building was old, but grand and work was...
  9. E

    Looking for men to expose and embarrass

    Hello all, I run an ENM (embarrassed naked men) themed video challenge; previously lived on my popular Tumblr account, but is now just anywhere on the internet. I am always looking for exhibitionists, dare lovers, show-offs, and exposure enthusiasts to participate. I think there are about a...