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erectal dysfunction

  1. T

    Can Iodine Be Applied Directly On Penis Like An Erection Cream/oil?

    Can Iodine Be Applied Directly on Penis Like An Erection Cream/Oil? Is this true or false. Or just won't work as hoped.
  2. D

    Ssri's And Sex

    Who is taking an antidepressant like Lexapro and having trouble with the fact that it's a total boner killer? I've been on just 10mg Escitalopram (pretty sure that's what they call Lexapro here in Australia) a day for over 12 months now, and while it definitely helped with my GAD (random panic...
  3. Bernd

    Photo Who Has The Balls To Show His Aging? I Have! Look At My Albums

    erectile dysfunction Album: 345081 Compare photos Young and older album 343731 My erections from 2008 to 2020 album 342201 viagra photos album340851
  4. 1

    Help a bro : where to buy cialis online

    Hey there, I’m 28 years old I’ve taken ED medication outta of curiosity before and I’ve liked how well I preform when I take them especially if I’m going on a trip to see my partner. I don’t have insurance and the appointment to see a Urologist is upwards to 400$ apparently. I have a buddy who...