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  1. F

    A friendly delivery guy

    Ever since the pandemic started, I've worked from home. I live alone in a block of flats and it's generally fine if a bit lonely day to day. We're allowed in our offices twice a week for "networking" but otherwise it's the usual principle: get out of bed, shower, then walk to the living room...
  2. Handsomeishgay

    The Jedi Order: Duelling Sabers I

    Hello Everyone! I’m at home, sick and bored and watching Star Wars. SO, this was started. Please know this is only the first chapter, and as such is only to set the scene of the story going forward. It will become 18R hehe so make sure that you’re old enough! And be patient if you are, it is...
  3. D

    Advocate Men Hockey Erotica

    Hi all, I used to have a copy of Advocate Men from the like mid-late 90's. I can't remember who all was in it but there was a REALLY hot story in there about two guys who were on opposing teams in a hockey game and then they give into their lust in the locker room. Ring a bell? Or are there...
  4. J

    After a long day of Tennis…

    After a long day of being the head tennis coach at Washington Highschool, John was tired. And more importantly he was horny, John was mostly straight he was married with kids and he loved his wife, but he couldn’t help but be enamored with men, he would peek looks at other guys in the lockers...
  5. O

    Fooling Around with my Tutor

    It was a beautiful day in April. Spring was coming to a close and summer was on its way, but unlike all the other eighteen year olds in my neighborhood, I was trapped inside. Finals week was approaching, and my grades this entire semester had not been up to far. As a result, I was grounded...
  6. O

    Straight Roommate, No Inhibitions

    Most people don’t have good experiences with their roommates in college. Not me. In fact, I can still remember my freshman year vividly… It had been a chaotic day of last minute shopping at Target. My parents and I had spent the better half of the day trying to get everything an eighteen year...

    The Day I Became Buss Down Bobby (Gay Erotica)

    Journal Entry: October 23, 2019 "The Bus Ride Home" Today will be a day that I will always remember, thanks to the events that happened on my way home while riding Metro route 86. I've been commuting to work by bus and back home for nearly 3 months now. All due to my lemon of a car finally...

    Munching Trade at the Mall (Gay Erotica)

    It's the holiday season and Zach has picked up a seasonal job as a sales associate at Armani Exchange at The Galleria Mall. The holiday season is the busiest time of year at most retail business and this was definitely true for Houston's most popular shopping center. Zach always in need of extra...

    Fill Me Up (Gay Erotica)

    "Dammit I'm almost on E!!! I'd better hurry up and find a gas station before I'm stranded out here in the middle of nowhere." Lucas, who'd just left Beaumont after celebrating his best friend's birthday, was heading back to Houston and was halfway there when he suddenly realized that the gas...

    Assisting the Boss (Gay Erotica)

    "Thank you for coming in Jamil. I've looked over your resume. I had my secretary call you in for an interview because I think you might be a good fit for our company." "Thanks ummm..." "Charles Cranton. Call me Charles though." "Thanks Charles. I really appreciate the callback. I've been...

    Remember to Tip Your Waiter (Gay Erotica)

    "Hello Travis. Will it be the usual? Turkey burger with swiss, add mushrooms, and for drink an Iced coffee? "Yes. Oh and could you add a peach cobbler to that order?" I'd been visiting the Moondance Diner in Soho, on and off for the past three months. My intention was to show up during the...

    Gloryhole Diary #3: The Twin Peaks (Gay Erotica)

    "Thank God It's Friday!" I'd just clocked out from work and was headed home, ready for a week of fun and debauchery. The drive home was filled with anticipation for some action. I'd been so busy lately that I hadn't had much of an opportunity to erect my gloryhole and invite visitors over. This...

    Amazing Grace (Gay Erotica)

    Forty-seven year old Kyle, is a happily married father of one adult daughter who happens to be away in college. He is also the proud owner of two unrestrained Labrador retrievers, one chocolate and one black, that keep him entertained when his wife is away at work. Kyle has been granted the...

    Billy's Tryst at the Truckstop (Gay Erotica)

    Billy, a twenty year old college freshman at the University of Houston, was sitting in his dorm room one night battling boredom. It was spring break for students and Billy desperately needed something to do that would take his mind off of his mundane existence. While most of Billy's friends were...

    Nick the Night Nurse (Gay Erotica)

    Dylan, interrupted from his peaceful slumber, leapt out of bed while clutching his burning abdomen. The excruciating pain that was throbbing within his body was so debilitating that Dylan hastily snatched his keys from his nightstand and dashed for the door. In his Honda Accord he fumbled with...

    Finding Malik's Cum Rag (Gay Erotica)

    I shared an off-campus apartment with one of my closest childhood friends when we started college at Texas Southern University. Malik and I first became acquainted when his family moved a couple of houses down from ours. This meant that Malik and I were neighbors and would eventually become...

    Tipping my Barber with a Blowjob (Gay Erotica)

    It's Saturday morning and I'm in my bathroom preparing for my day. My early morning routine includes me taking a quick hot shower and brushing my teeth. While my shower is steaming up I take care of other business. First I brush my teeth and shave if necessary. As I stand before my mirror...

    Getting Seduced by the Neighbor (Gay Erotica)

    I live in a quiet suburban neighborhood, situated with small family sized ranch style homes, constructed sometime during the 80s. My house at 1138 Richland St. was the first home I'd owned so it will always hold a special place in my heart. My only complaint about my current residence was the...

    The Mix-up (Gay Erotica)

    One night while on a chatting app called Kik, I was chatting in a group when I received a private message from an unknown account. Receiving a new message is always a nice feeling. It's like opening a present on Christmas Day. I chat in groups that are specifically for adults meaning the nature...

    How I Spent My First Day As Brandon's Trainee (gay Erotica)

    Summertime was almost here and I'd made up my mind to take on a part-time job during the summer so that I could accrue enough money to purchase a brand gaming system that I'd been eyeing for some time. My job search started a week prior to the conclusion of the spring semester. My job experience...

    Gloryhole Diary #1: My Best Friend's Dad

    I grew up in a tight knit community where most of the kids in my neighborhood attended the same schools and the families were well acquainted with one another. My best friend Tony stayed the next block over and we were always at each other's homes after school and during the summers...

    Shower Time At The Gym

    After a busy work week, I finally got a a day off and knew that I needed to burn some calories and release some stress at the gym. It had been week since I'd stepped foot in my gym so the workout was a much needed one. I carefully selected my workout gear for the day and packed my gym bag with...
  23. H

    Iñigo Aguas @inigoaguas

    Iñigo aguas es un modelo y escritor de Pamplona. Ha escrito un poemario y una biología con temática erotica gay. También sale en el videoclip de Los cuerpos de Anna Linares.
  24. C

    Sexy Sounds (moans, Groans, Grunts) / Sexy Erotic Asmr / Sensual Seductive Talking

    Posts can be both videos or/and just audio Listen to Sexy Erotic ASMR Audio to Turn You On Naudia Reads Erotica Listen to Erotic ASMR Audio & Podcasts | Vurbl https://tidal.com/browse/album/177412226 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pQgbEEFPq0 Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)
  25. M

    The Time I Ended Up Live On The Internet

    I’ve never really been into cam sites, such as Chaturbate or whatever. I’ve got nothing against them but just never used them, that’s probably why I didn’t recognise one of them when I was looking for a hook-up. It was a typical Friday night, I’d had a few drinks and was starting to feel horny...
  26. AvlGH4u

    The Hottie From Spinning Class

    There was a period of time I was getting into spinning. I used to go to a Sunday morning class that was super popular at my gym. I would always choose a bike somewhere in the middle, trying to be less conspicuous so as not to be called out by the instructor when I was dogging it. There was a...
  27. james677b

    Gay Men Try Pussy

    Hey so I am not sure which heading suits best for this thread but I figured this would be the best? I am not sure either if this has been done before so my sincere apologies, please direct me to the thread of it's been posted before. That being said, I really want to see gay men trying pussy...
  28. B

    Can Anyone Tell Me The Title Of This Movie?

    Hi, I found this video on Telegram and I'd like to know the title of the movie. If anyone could help me identify it, that would be great. Apparently the video has a title (straight guys/ easy money for the str8 guys) but it seems it's not the title of the movie itself
  29. L

    Gay Audio-only Erotica?

    Does anyone know of any audio-only erotica? Sometimes I'd like to be able to lay down in a darkened room with my earphones in, and listen to some explicit story telling or recounting of horny experiences.
  30. H

    Mmf - Homoerotic Or Not?

    Although I largely identify as gay, I can be attracted to women. And in the past I’ve engaged in sex with women. Some really nice experiences. In more recent years my straight sex experience has mostly been as part of an MMF threesome. The attitude of my sex partners has made for some amazing...