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escort gay

  1. M

    Adam Adonis, conservative Escort

    Former porn star and now escorting in Florida. He liked to talk about politics on twitter but somehow he got suspended. AdamAdonis - Male Escort - Orlando, FL | Rent.Men
  2. E

    StudentTwink_XL from rentmen.com

    Any videos of him?
  3. E


    Does anybody know anything about him? male escort Babe Thales , 22yr from Birmingham, UK - Midlands (United Kingdom) Thales_London - Male Escort - Birmingham, United Kingdom | Rent.Men
  4. P

    gay sex holiday

    What’s the best city in Europe for gay sex? Some years ago, I heard that somewhere in Romania was good. Not sure how true that was. Anyway, I want to go on a holiday, stay in a hotel and just have nonstop sex with guys - escorts or not it does not matter. What’s the best place in Europe for that?
  5. B

    Fucking two bottoms

    I’ve been thinking about hiring two escorts - both bottoms - for a session. I’ve never hired an escort before - anyone have any experience of this? How was it? Any advice? It’s always been a fantasy of mine to have two bottoms side by side on all fours and using them both
  6. P

    Nyc - Masseur, Cruisers, & More

    Hi all - Currently living in NYC and I've always been interested in the idea of a massage (with a bit on the side :p) and popular cruising spots and how-tos. I'd love to get other guys thoughts on this stuff, as I'm relatively new to exploring. Thanks!
  7. W

    Links Muscle Worship Meetup Sites?

    are there any sites that offer muscle worship meetups? i now thebestflex has that feature but i don't know if guys there actually do that or just put it in their profiles and the eventually cop out any experiences or other sites?
  8. M

    Photo Alee Alamm Aka Alijigsaw Gay Escort Fr Bahrain

    Instagram: Alee Alamm Facebook: Alee Alamm Twitter: Alee Alamm RentMen: Alijigsaw UNSTOPPABLE GAY ESCORT
  9. Y

    Badboiziii From Instagram

    Does anyone know him? Videos, more info ? I think he is a stripper or something but I can't find anything about him. He uses watermarks on photos and this make me think that he is a stripper or something. I want to know more. Who's real name or something? I leave here some photos with him.
  10. M

    Alternative To Flex4cash?

    The site has been down for a while and it's a pity because the guys on the site were really hot and were often professional bodybuilders/fitness models doing both cam shows and escorting. Is there a website around that offers something similar? The best flex sometimes states that the guys are...
  11. P

    Photo Luca Cruceanu

    IG model