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  1. D

    Naked buddies in Essex / London

    Slim, hairy married 39 year old lad. Have a few straight mates who I just chill with naked and maybe have a wank or a compare. Share some dirty stories etc., but they’re all based in the midlands and would love to have a mate or a few to do the same with locally. Preference would be fellow...
  2. J_Leroy

    Straight For Milking

    I’ve always had this fantasy of being tied and forcably milked but never done it. Its been a few years since I broke up with my ex and by the time I was over her lockdown happened so I’ve not been with anyone else in years. Now I want to live out this fantasy. I come to you, can travel to places...
  3. B

    Any top near stansted/bishop's stortford/harlow/essex today?

    Going to run some errands and want to discretely service someone's hung cock with hands and mouth. I come by your place and inside I go on my knees where you telll me to and you take your cock out and present it to me. I will get started. After you empty your balls I get up and leave. Pm me.