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  1. capokin

    Nice chats

    Hello everyone :) first time being active in the community. I quickly wanted to say hello from Switzerland. Im looking for nice, down to earth conversations and maybe make some new online friends (or real life if you happen to be swiss or european) would be more than happy to start nice chats...
  2. H

    Lithuanian guys

    Heyy, Lithuanians are honestly one of the hottest guys. Anyone has anything to share?
  3. I

    Pouch underwear in Poland

    Hi, I am from Poland and recently tried to change something in my underwear section. I worn mostly boxer briefs, but well, always 2 or 3 size bigger than it supposed to be, sometimes causing to be easily taken down. I've tried briefs made out of Modal, but in them I felt 'nude'. Material...
  4. L

    Slovenian Boys On IG, Twitter and OF

    A place to share the accounts and photos of hunks from Slovenia.
  5. mad4it90

    Europe travel summer 2022

    Hi all, 32 and interrailing around Europe this summer. Anyone else doing something similar or traveling alone? Maybe we could grab a drink
  6. P

    gay sex holiday

    What’s the best city in Europe for gay sex? Some years ago, I heard that somewhere in Romania was good. Not sure how true that was. Anyway, I want to go on a holiday, stay in a hotel and just have nonstop sex with guys - escorts or not it does not matter. What’s the best place in Europe for that?
  7. H

    Name of this Schiesser Underwear male model please?

    Sadly i can't find anything bout him..Thanks in advance!
  8. NaughtyBelgian

    Homemade porn stuff from LPSG members only

    i love making pics or vids while playing? anyone else? show us!!! :blush::blush::blush: i'll start with some oral selfies! im doing the sucking on these! hope you'll like em!
  9. L

    Good Saunas In Europe

    Alright guys, I am planning on going on a solo trip somewhere in Europe. It will be the first time I go away without my wife and I want to take advantage of saunas. Where are the best places for a really good sauna and chilled experience. I prefer to be naked and I know in scandanavia that is...
  10. mad4it90

    Moving To Berlin 2022.

    Planning on moving to Berlin in January from Ireland. Just wondering has anyone moved over and any advice? I don't speak German but hope to learn while I'm there. Cheers, SJ
  11. swalke52

    Lgbtqi+ In Europe - Facebook

    Hi All, Quick introduction, hopeful travel restrictions will be lifted soon which will mean a lot of us will start taking holidays again in the future, we want to create a safe space for people to ask questions about the areas in Europe best to visit (LGBTQI+ friendly) Feel free to join if you...
  12. Y

    Photos & Videos Joshy (hungyoungbrit)

    he's george(main guy)'s brother, and he started appearing in videos last year i believe. but theyre not easy to find, besides one or two. but i know there are more. anybody has anything? he's my favorite ♥ https://twitter.com/joshyboy_uk
  13. Misterce

    Looking For A Man Of More Than 30 Years Old

    I'm single horny and romantic latin guy of 25 years old, looking for a partner write me to my email mistermanagua@gmail.com
  14. G

    Dreamy Model, Lukas Hoffman

    Does anyone have anything interesting about model, Lukas Hoffmann? I’ve only seen shirtless pictures so far, but damn he’s crazy attractive.
  15. 4

    Glass Cock Ring Where To Buy ?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone of you knows where to buy a glass cockring. I know that years ago they were sold by Falcon (I guess that was the name of the brand) but now it's unavailable. Do you guys know if there's any other glass cockring I could buy? Or do you sell a used one maybe? I'd buy...
  16. B

    Folsom Europe?

    Anyone ever been to Folsom Europe in Berlin? Kinda interested in the leather scene but don't know what to expect from it haha. Seen alot of videos about folsom street fair but not folsom Europe.
  17. M

    King Philip Vi Of Spain

    He’s so fucking hottt
  18. 1

    Viktor Pecev Onlyfans

    Hey guys! I randomly saw this hottie, I was wondering if anyone's subscribed or will subscribe to his onlyfans? OnlyFans Thanks!
  19. 1

    25 M Just Started With Onlyfans. Some Pics Are In My Gallery Already. Enjoy :)