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  1. W

    Polish Hunk Eryk (Ervkvvv)

    Appreciation post for a fellow European, Polish bodybuilder/fitness influencer: Eryk (@Ervkvvv). He posts in English and Polish it seems. In earlier posts, I saw he offered personal training online too. Beast of a man with a masculine look and if the bulges are anything to judge back, the man is...
  2. V

    Jean Sorel (Alain Delon main rival)

    French star born in 1934 as Jean Bernard de Chieusses de Combaud de Roquebrune. He was Married to Neorealism muse Anna Maria Ferrero (1934-2015) While Alain Delon (1935) challenged Jean Paul Belmondo (1933-2022) as l'infant terrible. In terms of beauty Sorel was his main rival. Both could...
  3. E

    Photos & Videos Tommaso Belllini

    Does anyone have content from Tommaso Bellini’s OnlyFans? Login • Instagram OnlyFans
  4. Isvalerika

    Photos & Videos Can anyone identify this (probably) French male model/actor from the 1998 Amor a la Mexicana music video?

    Thalia is a Mexican singer. Back in 1997 she released a song called Amor a la Mexicana, then in 1998 it received the "European Remix" treatment and got a new video with a super hot guy in it. I've always assumed he's French, because if I'm not mistaken, the remix was heavily promoted in France...
  5. toet

    tanned white men

    hey! starting this new thread because i absolutely love white men with a tan! who else??? here goes mahmood, an arab-italian hottie
  6. voyeurfan

    Photos & Videos BuildingJack / CezarBuyka - ProMuscleModel

    I was wondering if anybody subbed to his OnlyFans page @ ProMuscleModel He's been a webcam model for quite some time now, around 6 years or so, streaming under different names and does pretty much everything from cumshows to dildo shows & group shows as well. Some of his socials are ...
  7. ME -_-_- EA

    Ben from Hard Is Easy

    There was no thread, so I'm starting one. For Context:
  8. Marco Tony

    Connor Minney - Sexy British Muscles

    Anything on this sexy british man ? He looks packed.
  9. L

    Tommy de Cooman

    does anyone have something in this hottie? IG: tommydecooman TikTok: tommydecooman
  10. bigboaster

    French beauty Baptiste Cothenet

    I am not sure legit nudes exist for this stallion but I was still shocked to see that Baptiste didn't already have a thread on here? How is that possible? He's so damn hot lol Baptiste Cothenet (@baptistecothenet) • Instagram photos and videos
  11. D

    Dominik Rubino

    He’s so hot, an influencer from IG, i’d love to see him shirtless
  12. W

    Tomas Kukal

    This guy is so hot. Anything new about him? Does he have an OF or JFF account?
  13. oopkop

    Surprise! Circumcised Europeans

    I really enjoy when finding out a European actor, singer, model or performer is cut. I love when guys are proud about what they have even if it is not the norm there. One of my absolute favourite moments was when Mathias Melloul’s rock hard cut cock filled the screen near the start of Sexual...
  14. B

    Manossm / Moustaf1Michail

    This gorgeous guy either looks like he's prepping for an OF or already has one. Haven't found anything other than Twitter yet and his Insta is down. Anyone have any other deets? https://twitter.com/Moustaf1Michail
  15. BlackGetsuga

    OctavocRR / isrhaul

    Anyone have content of this guy? Just discovered him on TikTok and he’s recently made an xrated account on a subscription service called MYM.
  16. ericolargefeld

    OnlyFans (@ericolargefeld)

    Hello there hehe
  17. lmbj

    Photo A collection of cum by handjob in BAO scenes

    2020-12-12 Rhys, Julien & Jean-Daniel - Condom Free Archive
  18. ChuChiPapi

    Athletic DJ that posed naked as Greek god in 2007 (Featured in a gay magazine) - Anyone know who he is?

    Anyone know who I could be talking about? In late 2006/early 2007 there was a DJ from America (possibly Canada) and he posed naked as an ancient Greek god… there article was featured in *some* gay magazine about him posing nude, but the picture was for some promotional event, somewhere in...
  19. A

    Photo Handsome muscle European guy (Help me ID him if you know him !)

    Found Images on twitter, but the account look so fake. I think those pictures and videos have been stolen from someone Onlyfans. Hope i can have the original source. https://mobile.twitter.com/Simon861110
  20. I

    Italian Men

    Anyone got any hot Italian pics or vids? I haven’t found a thread for it already so might as well start one
  21. Amphlett

    Hung porn actor Steve Rives aka Markus Polkas

    Anyone got vids of him? https://www.hammerboysxxx.com/video/markus-polkas-2/ Steve Rives Adult Star Steve Rives | Gay | AEBN Steve Rives CockSuckersGuide About Steve Rives: Whether it's a vanilla scene or something truly kinky, Steve Rives is a smooth twink always ready to please. A...
  22. C

    Can someone please identify this movie/these actors?

    Please help identify, thanks a lot! https://www.boyfriendtv.com/videos/20025/gay-guys-safe-coition/
  23. D

    ID this twink? Jerk off video. European?

    He was ID'd in a thread on here a while back but I don't remember his name. I remember his background is European, and at one point living in Berlin ? Full video :
  24. L

    Slovenian Boys On IG, Twitter and OF

    A place to share the accounts and photos of hunks from Slovenia.
  25. A

    Ayo Gillott model ?

    Ayo Gillott, a 23 years old Hungarian dark-haired with smoldering good looks man is everything, what we love in today’s male beauty. Let's start his sets from idol-men dot net
  26. Marco Tony

    Hot Greek Men

    Theres already two greek threads. A non celebrities one and a celebrities one. But 98% of the posts are in greek. So most people have no idea what they are talking about. So i made an english thread about sexy greek men. Please only post in english. This thread is made for those who are into...
  27. F

    Costantino Toma

    https://instagram.com/costantino_toma?utm_medium=copy_link quanto è bono questo ragazzo? how good-looking is this guy?
  28. J

    Photos & Videos Cam4 Bradley78

    This guy is super hot and cams pretty regularly, but his stuff is weirdly hard to find. Unfortunately, I always seem to just miss his shows because of timezones, too. After the purge of PH, this is pretty much all I can find on him: https://monstercockland.com/248380/bradley78-cum-compilation/...
  29. P

    Photos & Videos Jean Daniel Chagall

    Someone have something about Belami’s ex model Jean Daniel Chagall, he have a Onlyfans.
  30. F

    18 Years Old German Twink

    Hey everyone, I'm gay, 18 years old and from Germany. :)