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  1. I

    Italian Men

    Anyone got any hot Italian pics or vids? I haven’t found a thread for it already so might as well start one
  2. Amphlett

    Hung porn actor Steve Rives aka Markus Polkas

    Anyone got vids of him? https://www.hammerboysxxx.com/video/markus-polkas-2/ Steve Rives Adult Star Steve Rives | Gay | AEBN Steve Rives CockSuckersGuide About Steve Rives: Whether it's a vanilla scene or something truly kinky, Steve Rives is a smooth twink always ready to please. A...
  3. C

    Can someone please identify this movie/these actors?

    Please help identify, thanks a lot! https://www.boyfriendtv.com/videos/20025/gay-guys-safe-coition/
  4. D

    ID this twink? Jerk off video. European?

    He was ID'd in a thread on here a while back but I don't remember his name. I remember his background is European, and at one point living in Berlin ? Full video :
  5. L

    Slovenian Boys On IG, Twitter and OF

    A place to share the accounts and photos of hunks from Slovenia.
  6. A

    Ayo Gillott model ?

    Ayo Gillott, a 23 years old Hungarian dark-haired with smoldering good looks man is everything, what we love in today’s male beauty. Let's start his sets from idol-men dot net
  7. Marco Tony

    Hot Greek Men

    Theres already two greek threads. A non celebrities one and a celebrities one. But 98% of the posts are in greek. So most people have no idea what they are talking about. So i made an english thread about sexy greek men. Please only post in english. This thread is made for those who are into...
  8. F

    Costantino Toma

    https://instagram.com/costantino_toma?utm_medium=copy_link quanto è bono questo ragazzo? how good-looking is this guy?
  9. J

    Photos & Videos Cam4 Bradley78

    This guy is super hot and cams pretty regularly, but his stuff is weirdly hard to find. Unfortunately, I always seem to just miss his shows because of timezones, too. After the purge of PH, this is pretty much all I can find on him: https://monstercockland.com/248380/bradley78-cum-compilation/...
  10. P

    Photos & Videos Jean Daniel Chagall

    Someone have something about Belami’s ex model Jean Daniel Chagall, he have a Onlyfans.
  11. F

    18 Years Old German Twink

    Hey everyone, I'm gay, 18 years old and from Germany. :)
  12. T

    Photo Dirty Scout 252

    Who is he?
  13. Y

    Photos & Videos @1tvar1 Model From Insta? ♥

    anything from this cutie?
  14. imnnotshy

    23 Yold European

    Hi all! I am new to this site :). 23 yold straight-curious, no experience with guys. I'm in a relationship so only looking for online interaction and this site seems like a great place for that :)
  15. H

    Photos & Videos Supermarioxrated

    https://www.instagram.com/supermarioxrated/ OnlyFans
  16. K

    Nils Tatum - Belami

  17. S

    Nicky Anderson (dancer/choreographer)

    Nicky Anderson is a Danish dancer/choreographer living in LA. He’s so cute and from the last pic, seems he’s packing a bit. Anyone got anything?
  18. Z

    Photo Stefan Braun Bodybuilder

    He is bodybuilder from Germany. I don't know if exist any nsfw pic or video of him but his body is really hot! Do someone have anything? Stefan Braun (@stefan_braun_aesthetics) • Instagram photos and videos
  19. G

    Barteksanocki (baretek Sanocki)

    I need a lot more!!!! Insta is so hot.
  20. bexrules

    Photos & Videos Gorgeous Italian University Student

    I managed to salvage this video from Tumblr before the purge and recently discovered the additional video and photo. Does anybody have any more?
  21. A

    Can Anyone Id This Pornstar?

    I’ve seen him in a bunch of straight porn, a lot of videos from sites like SpoiledVirgins and SellYourGF. I’ve been told he did some gay porn too. Anyone know his name(s)?
  22. 1

    Guys With Low And Tight Circumcisions

    Any love for men with low circumcisions, especially European ones? Share your pictures!
  23. A

    Quinton Mulvey? ♥

    his insta is pure angel sex vibe Quinton Mulvey (@quintonmulvey) • Instagram photos and videos anybody has anything more explicit? ♥♥♥
  24. J

    Bluepanda ( Tobias Näslund ) Youtube Gamer

    Hes a 22 year old gamer with a nice body. Anyone got any nudes of him?? He has 2 million subscribers on youtube and over 100k Instagram followers. Tobias Nas on Instagram: “I might be a youtuber who spends most of his time recording and editing videos, but I also love working out! Been...
  25. M

    Hot Blonde German Straight Teen

    So hot!!!! Anybody has the full video?? I know it's called "Gerade Mal 18 #6" but can't find anything else other than this:
  26. 2

    Video Euro Sumo

    Untapped genre. Lots out there.
  27. Z

    Giorgio Piatti ... Piatti_gio ... Gpiatti09

    Anyone have his nudes? He’s on grindr a lot in DC Virginia Maryland area.
  28. 9

    Not New

    Hey i am not quite new, but thats my first posting here. Hello!!! If you are intrested, look at my pics and Videos. Love sexting!
  29. 1

    Who Is This Rugby Player???

    i know he’s a rugby player just can’t find the video or who he is I’ve seen Deniz Mehmet but I’m certain it isn’t him
  30. F

    Oliver Plesner Bloch Ig: Oliverbloch

    Been a point of interest for a while, very...vague about whether he’s at least bi but you know