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  1. M

    Video Anyone Have Any Information On Military Exam Video?

    There's this really hot video of a soldier receiving a medical exam. In includes speculums, enemas, fingering (almost fisting), injection, catheters, and jacking off. The video freezes towards the end but I really want to know where it's from. Anyone have any names of the actors or where it's...
  2. AusOtter

    Medical Physical Exams

    Hey there. Always been fascinated by these, both from a medical point of view and also from the porn I've watched since I was a younger lad. Never had a physical though. Anyone know where/how to get them in the UK? I've been in London 6 years but only just signed up for a GP. Or.... Anyone...
  3. L

    Gay Doctor Joke

    A man goes off to have a routine prostate exam done. An hour later, he returns home, looking mildly upset. His wife takes notice, and asks him what's wrong. The man takes a disappointed breath, and replies. "I have good news and bad news." his wife looks concerned. "What's the good news?" "Good...
  4. A

    Female Doctor And Male Patient Porn

    Hey guys! I runned out of resources on my fav porn category. I love female doctor and male patient porn, especially when the patient is young/teen (physical exam or that kind of situation). My ideal porn is the kind of film where the doctor checks the young patient, he gets an erection and he's...
  5. M

    Video Can Someone Help Id This Porn Video?

    I'm in love with this video of a military doctor examining a soldier? I was wondering if anyone can help ID where it's from? Either the studio, movie, or actors in it. Thanks!
  6. H

    Hot Physio Videos

    I stumbled upon these videos today and thought they were inadvertantly hot, anyone else think so?
  7. J

    Discreet measuring service / exam - london

    Hey guys, Just thought I’d see if any guys are interested in being measured / examined in a discreet environment? Would be happy to provide this service to any lads interested in having someone else take various measurements of them and receiving a roleplay style physical exam. Happy to...