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  1. 7

    Showing Ass Off In Public

    I am mostly strait and fairly alpha when it comes to females but I have developed a fetish over the years for showing off my ass to other men. I have mostly done this in semi-public/voyeur types of situations where I show up to "show off" the ASSets. There's just something about dong this that...
  2. 1

    Can Anyone Id?

    Hot guy on boat with great ass!
  3. 1

    Can Anyone Id?

    Hot guy on boat with great ass!
  4. P

    Snapchat Group For Horny Guys

    Hey starting a snapchat group for horny guys Add my snap: p-dublinguy
  5. 3

    Hi Guys New Man Here

    Just saying hey, hope you guys are all well and enjoying the site
  6. P

    Lf Houston Bwc To Flash Wife

    Houston here. I think I have a weird request but whatever. I have a fetish fantasy about someone “by chance” exposing a big dick to my wife. She always comments on big cocks when we watch porn - especially longer and big head. Looking for 9” or longer OR 8” and really thick. I know. It’s weird...
  7. yrstruly

    Voyeur For Horny Filthy Exhibitionest's

    Any Hung Exhibitionests on Whatsapp? sexy whatsapp goup All genders, sexualities welcome. Cum tributes welcome.