1. D

    Video Can anyone ID man deepthroating?

    I’ve seen this video circulating for a lil bit, and I’m dying to know who the man getting throat fucked is.
  2. BarebottomTX

    How And Where?

    Question for all the Tops using a cocksucker. How you prefer to get your Cock sucked? With the bottom licking and sucking, or do you prefer to face fuck the guy and gag him with your Cock? Where do you like to cum, down his throat, or in his face?
  3. Magnumsized

    Advices for deep throat

    Hey mates, I need you to share so? I got a biig problem in my boy's pants haha... Hes well endowed and is the first (and only) man I've ever sucked... so after months I'm still not able to let him even slide it in and out a few inches... it makes me gag and almost throw up... It gets easier...