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  1. ihsikir15

    Thong Facesitting; Anyone Has More Videos From Them??

    I recently stumbled upon this video on ThisVid, and I can actually say that this is THE hottest facesitting video I've ever seen! The size of the ass, the thong, using oil, and a third person to help push the guy's face further into the big guy's ass! I absolutely need to know if anyone has...
  2. ihsikir15

    Stinkface - Wrestling Move

    Hello guys, for as long as I could remember, I've had a huge fetish for the wrestling move the Stinkface. It was made popular by WWE wrestler Rikishi, and since then other wrestlers have used it too. The stinkface is a move where you rub your butt in the face of an opponent who was downed in...
  3. M

    Fort Mill - South Carolina

    35 white male 5'11 194 i'm staying the night in fort mill, but i'm already at the hotel. want to join me?
  4. M

    Jacksonville-nc: Facesitting

    Clean guy looking to have a bushy or not bushy pussy sit on my face. Let me help you have multiple orgasms :) I'm ok getting together with a couple too. You can watch me have a cockfight with your man. so many possibilities. I just dont do anal.