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facial hair

  1. blueballssoretip

    Photos & Videos Manly facials

    Just images and videos of macho (straight or straight-looking guys) covered in cum, simple as that. A good example: abeardedboy
  2. S

    Trying To Find This Cuties Content

    I’m trying to find this one person’s onlyfan videos; if anyone has them. His Twitter is @latinloadz ; onlyfans @xlatin ; Instagram @awpobrecito . I’ve looked high and low for anymore content from him and know some people have it just don’t know how to contact anyone. ⛓⛓ (@awpobrecito) •...
  3. DF1994

    Eduardo Grippa (@eduardogrippa)

    You ever have one of those fantasies when a new neighbor moves into the house next door and as you get to see more and more of them, you start to realize that you now have an absolute sex symbol living only a few feet away from you... Mr Grippa is the manifestation of that fantasy.
  4. DF1994

    Imrann Ahmad/mazahir (@mimmy_awesome25 & @mimmymotivates)

    It boggles my mind how no one knows about this beautiful man. Not an adult content kind of guy but with his workouts and fashion shoots, I don't think you need to ask for more. Go give the man a follow, he deserves to be noticed.