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  1. Subbearcub

    Looking for kinky friends

    Hi everyone! I’m a 20 yo gay and kinky hungarian guy looking for some buddies I'm looking for an open and honest friendship, where we always speak our minds. Yes, we will talk about porn and what turns us on of course. But still if we are friends I think we have to be honest with each other...
  2. B

    Photo Bradley Austin Nudes

    Just posting some nudes of mine
  3. R

    Sub Arab Bttm Jock Looking For Dom Dudes of all types

    25 [M4M] Sub Arab Bttm Jock Looking For Dom Dudes of all types Add me on snapchat: ryanjean-1221 Start with a video. I'll be your faggot
  4. Pigsubslut

    Want It

    Join conversation
  5. fitmasteradam

    Exposure And Blackmail List

    Fit exposure master 28 here - got lots of hot exposure subs. Hit me up! KIK: fitmasteradam SKYPE: sluttymasteradam@outlook.com
  6. Y

    Straight Hunky Guys Jerking Gay Cock. Cumming On Straight Hunks Body

    Hi everyone. I've really been interested in hot straight hunk guys jerking a gay cock. Any known videos where the a hunky straight guy kneels in front of a gay guy and jerks his dick and got shot all over his muscle chest? Or the straight guy lies down on a bed and the gay guy sits on his abs...
  7. J

    Hot Guy Drooling

    For the life of me can't find who this guy is but I saw him from a hot guys spitting compilation on thisvid.com and thought he was hot Anyone know??
  8. J

    Gay Masters And Slaves

    18 m faggot slave looking for older men and masters to make a group with on snap. Jtslave1
  9. C

    23/male/slave Seeks Any Age/male/master In Any Place (only Serious)

    Hello Sir! I am a 23 year old boy from Greece. I am gay and out to friends and family. I'm finishing my university degree, doing my diploma thesis at the moment, so I spend a lot of time at home. I live with my parents in my own room, or with my boyfriend at his one bedroom apartment. I am...
  10. altnorms

    Verbal Humiliation Alpha Male Videos

    Hey y'all ! Looking for verbal humiliation videos by alpha males. (for example this one https://cdn-videos.lpsg.com/data/lsvideo/videos/2020/01/11049491_BUEI-BZrk1_8b9a63a68a436b3b66d919a258289cb7.mp4) Any links to share?
  11. 6

    Face Fucking

    Hi all, I’m a sub guy that loves to gag on a big dick. When a guy starts gagging, do you fuck harder or do you pull out? What do you get from making a guy choke? Is it the control? Please cum down my throat!
  12. Fredbi

    Slut Fag In Jupiter Florida

    BiMWM in Jupiter Florida -- looking to be used like a slut and suck cock -- love my dildo and ass to mouth....!!!! : SKYPE ID: FloridaBiGuy3@hotmail.com
  13. C

    Photo Chase Burnham @chaseburnhamxxx Onlyfans

    Does anyone have pictures of chase burnham @chaseburnhamxxx??
  14. Pigsubslut

    Want To Be Dominated Like A Slut

    Obedient sub keen for dick use and abuse Skype
  15. Fredbi

    Floridabiguy Needs Cock

    BiMWM 60 west palm beach ... looking to b used like a slut --- SKYPE ID: ricky.jo6
  16. 1

    Want To Cop It

    Love dick use and abuse. After nasty Dom fuckers
  17. CumDumpster25

    M/m Piss Play, Humilation, Domination, Strong Language

    "Uhhhh. Babe?." James opened his eyes slowly catching that the clock read 2:23AM. His boyfriend Kevin jarred him awake. "It's time girl." James instinctively opened his mouth as his lover pushed his cock past his plump lips before his eyes had even completely opened. Kevin's heavy meat...
  18. J

    Gay kik

    dm me 18 Kik: 7273828