1. D

    Jerking my full hard "cock" thinking of real alpha men

    Hey, all. I woke up horny, just like any horny fag bitch, and just was thinking of real big-dicked alpha men humiliating and fucking me. Got super hard and decided to show you... do u think I am small and a real fag bitch?
  2. mikeybtm9

    shower session! (+face)

    here is my video: https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/shower-session-face.13392061/ I show pretty much everything including face, dick and balls, body, ass, feet! I'm gonna attach some screenshots from the video:
  3. mikeybtm9

    m20 hairy bottom vers

    hey there! I'm m20 hairy bottom vers and I have a passion for older men! check out my nudes on my profile ;) feel free to message me!
  4. D

    Morning everyone, anyone up for some tiny cock humiliation?

    Hello, bulls, anyone wanna humiliate a small-cocked white faggot?
  5. D

    Feminine fag bulge

    I am showing my feminine and fag bulge, guys... do u think it is small? do i look like a good white bitch? show me urs to show me how a real man should look like.
  6. D

    Do I look like a good fag bitch?

    What do you think, alphas?
  7. D

    Should I enlarge my "penis"?

    Do you think I should consider enlarging my "penis" to be considered a man?
  8. D

    Am I really small?

    Am I really small? WHat percentage of men are smaller than me? Tell em what you think.
  9. D

    Who's bigger?

    Hey, guys, @Perfectsix and I couldn't decide who had bigger balls...I mean who has smaller balls I should say. What do you think?
  10. D

    Worthy of small penis humiliation?

    Hey dudes... do u think I am worthy of humiliation? DO u think my genitals are small enough for that?
  11. D

    SPH (small penis humiliation)

    Do i fit into the category of a "small penis"? Am I worthy of humiliation? If yes, can u tear down my ego (I dont mind that at all)
  12. C

    Michael Mirales

    Looking for more content on Michael Mirales Michael Mirales White Anon Bareback Fucks Married Mexican - ThisVid.com
  13. D

    BBC vs me

    A nice little comparison between an alpha black cock (he humiliated me) and me.
  14. D

    Begging for humiliation

    Thanks God I am so small and pathetic that it is really easy to be humiliated. Look what I've got... that's cm not icnhes;)
  15. K

    Help me ID the top pleease?

  16. I

    Show off tiny dick

  17. S

    Twink Sub for Doms

    21m twink with toys looking to be used on cam by verbal masters or groups - and sometimes like to chat & plan ahead. im into anal play, gaping, edging, being degraded & humiliated, verbal abuse (no limit on this), etc. you need to mic - i will follow your orders on cam but type back mean...
  18. Alaingada

    Craving humiliation and exposure!

    I’m 30 year old submissive gay male with a pathetic tiny clit who craves humiliation from real men. I need to serve at their feet as they degrade me and tell me how pathetic I am. My tiny dicklet is proof I am inferior and was born to serve Alpha men.
  19. ThroatHog

    Faggot for anyone to use!

    I love to be owned, used, humiliated, degraded, laughed at, made fun of, recorded, exposed and treated like total trash. https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7355386512?pwd=X46uSWFC7jXH8WgCpAu3ZW3bZT9wC9.1
  20. D

    Photos & Videos Let me Rank your freaky pics!

    Hey! I was hoping you guys would post your fav FREAKY and KINKY pics of yourself for me to rank out of 10! I’ll be super honest but not unkind or harsh. Your pics/videos can be essentially anything (even if i don’t specifically have that kink) but for the love of God please don’t post anything...
  21. My exposure

    My exposure

    I have a live exposure on exposed real fun ExposedRealFun — Post: Hung fag slut It’s at 80 days extension and I want to get to at least 100. Please enjoy my pics, download, share and extend.
  22. MariconVaronil

    Men exposing and offering their ass

    Nath Wyld
  23. D

    Photo Lukegruk

    Exposing Luke Gruk. He wants more people to be able to Google him and see his photos. So please share and spread!!!
  24. Subbearcub

    Looking for kinky friends

    Hi everyone! I’m a 20 yo gay and kinky hungarian guy looking for some buddies I'm looking for an open and honest friendship, where we always speak our minds. Yes, we will talk about porn and what turns us on of course. But still if we are friends I think we have to be honest with each other...
  25. B

    Photo Bradley Austin Nudes

    Just posting some nudes of mine
  26. R

    Sub Arab Bttm Jock Looking For Dom Dudes of all types

    25 [M4M] Sub Arab Bttm Jock Looking For Dom Dudes of all types Add me on snapchat: ryanjean-1221 Start with a video. I'll be your faggot
  27. Pigsubslut

    Want It

    Join conversation
  28. fitmasteradam

    Exposure And Blackmail List

    Fit exposure master 28 here - got lots of hot exposure subs. Hit me up! KIK: fitmasteradam SKYPE: sluttymasteradam@outlook.com
  29. Y

    Straight Hunky Guys Jerking Gay Cock. Cumming On Straight Hunks Body

    Hi everyone. I've really been interested in hot straight hunk guys jerking a gay cock. Any known videos where the a hunky straight guy kneels in front of a gay guy and jerks his dick and got shot all over his muscle chest? Or the straight guy lies down on a bed and the gay guy sits on his abs...
  30. J

    Hot Guy Drooling

    For the life of me can't find who this guy is but I saw him from a hot guys spitting compilation on thisvid.com and thought he was hot Anyone know??