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  1. D

    Photos & Videos Pinoy / Filipino Celebrity Fakes

    Wala akong mahanap na good thread for pinoy celebrity fakes so I'll start a thread here: Note: dapat well-known, any pinoy celebrity (actors, artists, singers, gamers, streamers, etc.) refrain from posting full names to prevent detection use initials or censors (ᴀʟᴅᴇɴ ʀɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅꜱ, rvrv m4dr1d...
  2. E

    Photo Nickelodeon And Disney Guys Gay Fakes

    This thread is only for gay naked fakes. Feel free to create, upload, share and request fakes. Don't forget to jack off too. I DON'T make fakes.
  3. H

    Photo Fakes (of Men You Know)

    So does anyone have any fakes of people they know IRL? A friend of mine had fakes she made back in the day of our hot male teacher that we would both drool over. It was the hottest thing and kicked off a fantasy of editing myself in the photos too lol :oops:o_O
  4. Pseudo-Pside

    My New Porn Fakes Twitter Page

    As a lot of you know, I like fakes. And obviously i can't sit here all day and post fakes (already got in trouble for that). So i made a new twitter to post my fakes and random fakes i find @PsidePseudo on Twitter
  5. A

    Singer Fakes?

    I wanted to know if anyone here knew how to make those fake edits of singers photo shoots and stuff? Tried myself and I couldn’t get the hang of it, but I had photos I wanted to do :)
  6. owapowa

    Gay Deepfakes / Deep Fakes

    Are there any good gay deepfakes? The only website I found for gay deepfakes is MrDeepFakes. Is there more and most imporantly are they good? Is exclusive to darkweb? I also found one guy who was really starting to be good at the deepfakes but he is inactive since december and he promised...
  7. 1


    Anyone know of any male deepfakes of celebs? Share them here!
  8. CS4282000

    Celebrity Nudes: Fakes And Illustrations

    I’m making this thread in hopes of finding artists or people who make really good fakes/illustrations of nude celebrities. Here myself and others can request works from those artists since the celebrity in question doesn’t have nudes or won’t be expected to have any time soon so this is a cool...