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  1. A

    Photo Help with fake check

    Help with fake check! Anyone know this guy from insta, twitter etc? Im chatting with him on snap but i think hes fake. Please Help!
  2. JaykobTakeup

    Benji Krol Fakes

    He has a thread, but fakes are hard to find. Here's a whole thread dedicated to that. Does anyone have good fakes of him?
  3. T

    Good quality realistic fakes

    Hey guys. Anyone has any good quality realistic fakes of celebs? Any creators? Thank you
  4. J

    mcelebfet fakes (discord)

    made this thread so we could post mcelebfet fakes! could anyone post the post recent ones that are on his discord? i don’t think you can join it anymore so i’d be really happy
  5. 1

    Make your best fakes of Joel osteen

    Can anyone use photoshop to put Joel osteen in his underwear, Speedo, jockstrap, thong and g-string or see through clothing? Realistic looking nudes
  6. Mrjohnappleseed

    Photo Fake Nudes

    Disclaimer: Only fakes Post your best fake nudes
  7. Joshua Workman

    Celebrity fakes

    Okay, so as there are loads of fakes in seperate threads— I thought to just make one for them all, these should be mostly singers/actors and male. Disclaimer; Sorry, if there’s already a thread of this. I didn’t look before starting one so excuse me. Here is two;