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  1. ChocolateExhibitionist91

    Did You Grow Up Where Male Nudity was Commonplace With Your Dad/Brothers/Uncles/Cousins?

    I've seen threads like this posted before, but they've all ended so long ago and I kinda wanted to start it up again, so let's get it! I grew up in a very conservative family, parents are divorced, and I have one sibling who's my older brother. My mother raised us cause our dad wasn't around...
  2. T

    Hey lads!

    Hey, I’m Jay from the U.K., just on here to meet some like minded dudes. I’m 21, I like older men, nice chats, new mates! Hope to speak to some guys soon ❤️
  3. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Sexy Dad

    Arnold Schwarzenegger
  4. A

    Photo About Man, His Son, His Stepson (question)

    Apologies if this was debated beforehand. Earlier today I discovered some videos where a man stated he was a father and with him was his blood son (in the middle) and his stepson (on the left). They were known as nudistfamily3 somewhere. I don't know if they were truthful. "2016" appears in...
  5. Dublinlad7

    Father/son Rp Skype

    Any fit lads 18 plus for skype with older. Proper RP. Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  6. Dublinlad7

    Skype - Muscle Admiration

    Any fit muscle guys into wanking on skype with average guys in awe of them .... Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  7. Dublinlad7

    Skype - Edging Cum Control.

    Hi there, new to this site. Looking for guys on skype into wanking long sessions, edging, cum controlling, father/son bonding. Other interests are underwear, rings and ws. I love wanking long sessions and talking with guys building up the loads. Also into father/son RP. Im 38 Irish Uncut...
  8. U

    Photo Priests / Reverends / Pastors

    Rev. Eric Knapp Archive/Dongs 2019 - No.52920
  9. Tony56

    Same underwear as dad

    Did you grow up wearing the same style underwear as your father?
  10. G

    Jerk off habits (time and place) for married men w family

    Curious about your masturbation habits. As a married man with kids, when and where do you jerk off usually? Do you have the chance for edging or usually just finish it quickly? Can you turn off your mind during or do you feel any additional excitement or guilt?