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  1. W

    How To Go Back From "most Liked Posts"?

    It's nice to have "Most Liked Posts" and "Watch Thread" link at top right, but once you clicked "Most Liked Posts", there is no link to go back to "Chronological Order". I find it pretty annoying because it is tedious to go to chronological view if I open the most liked posts page in a new tab...
  2. C

    Porn With A Plot, Storyline Or Nice Hot Build Up / Sneaky Sex (hide & Fuck) Thread

    Back in the late 90s and early to mid 2000s, Feature porn movies were pretty popular where there was about as much acting as sexual activity. Script helped framed the reasoning behind the sex. Porn currently is most Gonzo where there may or may not be a little mini interview prior or some bts...
  3. trapmusik6

    Favorite thing about your dick and the poster above(be descriptive - it's hot)

    I'll start off first. Don't feel shy tooting your own horn pun intended. Brag a bit you want. Say what you feel! I love the head of my dick. The shape looks so fucking tasty to me when I'm rock hard. I wish I could suck it(don't we all). How much it flares out and the way the deep ridge is so...