female orgasm

  1. F


    I find it strange that lot of 'straight' guys here are more into male cum than female cum. For me it has always felt gay to watch other men shoot their loads in straight porn.. Anyway this is a thread to all the sexy videos where women cum, squirt or have multiple orgasms. Links, vids and pics...
  2. N


    Any underwater videos like this one: ?
  3. Cosgood

    Squirt for the sky!

    Unless I'm blind or can't work the search function correctly, the only squirt related threads are YEARS old. If everybody's good with it I'd like to start another. Haven't been seeing much squirt content. If ya got em, share em!!
  4. aheidla

    What Does a Vaginal Orgasm Feel Like?

    Is it similar to a clitoral orgasm but "from the inside?" Because I know what a clitoral orgasm feels like, but penetration is painful for me, so I have no idea what a vaginal orgasm feels like. I don't even penetrate myself with toys because it hurts too much and is uncomfortable. I don't have...
  5. A

    Amateur Female Orgasm Sharing Site?

    Hi All, Some of you may have seen the files I share here - and a lot of them are of amateur orgasm cumming on big cock. This is a HUGE turn-on for me, and I'd love to know if there's a site dedicated to this subject matter. I'd keep sharing appropriate videos here, but I would also love to...
  6. M

    Have You Been With A Squirter??

    General poll for guys and gals here. Ever been with a woman who squirts during sex? Been a dream of mine but never had the good fortune to be with one. I think it's so hot.
  7. M

    Looking For A Squirter

    Hi there! It's been my biggest fantasy to one day have sex with a woman who squirts. I think it's the biggest turn on but have never had the fortune to experience it. I love pleasing women and making them cum more than I enjoy being pleased. I've never not made a woman cum using fingers...
  8. C

    Photo Massive Female Orgasms

    Does anyone have any gifs, vids, any type of links of porn where the female is having a huge orgasm on a big cock? Not from oral or toys or fingers. But just on a big cock. Here’s an example: It’s just the beginning of her orgasm. If anyone knows the video from this one, I’d like to know that...
  9. Hugh Hungwell

    Video *multiple* massage-inspired female orgasms

    This girl's name is Winter. Winter is coming.