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fetish videos

  1. I

    Show in OF! Itsmysecretlife94

  2. L

    Help IDing fetish porn models

    Hi, I realize straight men in trouble isn’t the most kosher porn to be watching, but the boxer is so handsome and extremely my type. After searching for this video for a long time, I rediscovered it today and tried very hard to ID the actor but I couldn’t find his name anywhere. I remember in...
  3. M

    Photo Help ID - Diaper Fetish video

    Hello all - I’m not sure if I’ve posted this correctly but I’m really hoping someone could direct me to where I can view the full version of this video ? its a diaper fetish video where this hot young stud self-powders and then puts his diaper on. See photo. It was listed on thisvid.com - but...
  4. Lé_Asmith

    "sleeping Porn"....wtf!

    If you like those kinds of videos...WHY!?!?! These kinds of videos are disgusting! Yeah most of them are fake, but you're still getting off to the idea of someone getting molested/r@ped in their sleep. Wtf is wrong is y'all???
  5. C

    Id Hot Guy Spit

    I know that spit isn't maybe attractive for everyone, but leaving that aside, does anyone know who is this master? I have found the video many times but idk who is that hot guy (the one who spits). I have found the video here: Spit in his face - ThisVid.com & here
  6. Capitolhillguy

    Video Tickle Videos

    I enjoy good tickle videos. I could not find a thread about this on the site.The sex part doesn't interest me so much. I just like seeing masculine guys falling apart. Here is my favorite I have found so far. The subject is very handsome, very masculine, and is wrecked by the tickling: And...
  7. J

    Feats Of Strength

    Anyone else into them? Know any bodybuilders that can perform them? How to to get them to do them for you? Any and all discussion welcome
  8. J

    Feats Of Strength

    Who else is into them? Are there any muscle cam guys that do them? Anyone know how to talk bodybuilders into performing them? Any help or engagement would be appreciated.
  9. B

    Fetish Videos

    Hi guys. Just making this post for anyone interested in fetish videos, more specifically circumcision fetish videos with lots of talking. If you buy custom videos you know they can be pretty expensive so if you want to trade some just message me. I may have some you don't have and vice versa...