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  1. S

    Chris Pratt vs Chris Hemsworth

    In the previous poll Chris Evans vs Chris Hemsworth winer was hemsworth. But will Chris be able to do it again? Will Chris Pratt be able to do what Evans did not manage or Hemsworth will be the ultimate chris?
  2. J

    Any LGBT Wrestling Kink Venues in UK?

    Hi, Does anyone know if any LGBT+ Wrestling kink venues in UK? Need a ring to sort out a wrestling kink fantasy
  3. S

    Tyler vs Henry wrestling

    Henry Cavill and Tyler Heochlin both very muscular and handsome. They both played the role of a superman. But which one is better. Who is strong enough to beat the other. Who deserves to be the ultimate superman. And what will happen to the loser?
  4. S

    Chris vs Chris wrestling

    Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, both handsome and well-muscled. Who of them won the fight in the ring. Who would be better and stronger. There can be only one winner (Alpha) How do you think the fight will end. Would it be a close match or someone would have an advantage and why. And...
  5. GreekCockFighter

    Cockfighting On Skype

    Hey everyone! I thought it would be nice ot have a thread JUST for cockfights on Skype. That doesn't mean comparing (although we can do that too) but actually competing on cam to see who can outlast the other in a wanking competition. IRL we would be frotting or swordfighting to force the...
  6. F

    Video Naked Wrestling Videos

    Hey! I found this website full of free videos of nude guys wrestling. Swnude – DaftSex Do you have other ones to share? Do they ever get a boner? (I know sometimes they start the fights with boners, but do they ever get hard while wrestling?) Thanks!
  7. C

    Photos & Videos Forrest Griffin Fans?

    I can’t be the only one to find him hot in that ugly/cute way! He’s giving me what I need in these rough times!!
  8. spaj8987

    What Would You Consider Logical To Physically Fight Over?

    When it comes to your average heterosexual guy there's a very long list of reasons we would get physical with another person. One of them being sexual advances from other men. Which got me to thinking. That wouldn't be nearly as much of an issue when it comes to gay or bisexual men? That gay and...
  9. HungThickProf

    Androgel And My Attitude

    I recently started using (prescribed) Androgel and have noticed some major differences with my body and muscle development. I have also noticed some differences in my personality. I'm more outgoing and confident, which says a lot because I thought I was always that guy. Now, I'm no longer the...