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  1. B

    Caden Wilson

    Couldn't find anything on him Instagram caden_troy
  2. S

    Michael Biserta Full Video

    Hello All, I am desperately searching for Michael Biserta's full video. I believe the title to be "Guys Gone Wild: Spring Break". There's another "Guys Gone Wild: Spring Break - Young and Hung" that I can find easily, but this IS NOT the correct video. There is a copy that shows "Starring...
  3. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - FUCKING THE FIREMAN

    > FUCKING THE FIREMAN < I was 21 at the time on summer break from college. I spent most of the summer working out, sleeping late and jerking off to internet porn. Occasionally I'd find time to work on the house but clearly my schedule was booked. This was a college bachelor's wet dream. One...
  4. 1988wallywest

    Who Is This Hot Firefighter?

    Once I saw an awesome video of this firefighter (bombeiro) from Brazil masturbating on cam. The title of the video is "Bombeiro gostoso batendo punheta na cam" (hot firefighter jerks on cam). But all the links appear to have stopped working. Does anyone have (a link to) this video or more from...
  5. eugenio963

    Photos & Videos Hot @tank-gabe Tumblr Twitter @tugboatgabe We Need More Of This Hot Dude!!!

    Does anyone have more photos and videos of him? He was on tumblr, making hot videos of his massive married bulge. buldging tights xtighty whities xmarried man xmassive dick xbulge underwear dick xbulge fetish xbulgeman xbulges...
  6. L

    Isaac Ramirez (@isaacbramirez)

    Found him on tiktok
  7. 1

    Gavin Schmidt (nailed It Holiday)

    Anyone have stuff on this hunk? his Instagram is gschmidt27
  8. Seth Segura

    Who is this? please help!

    I found the vid on myvidster, titled "Slow Morning in a Train," although it looks like he's in a fire engine and not a train. I tried looking the video up on thebananablog but it looks like the site is temporarily unavailable, so i've had no such luck IDing him. Anyone know who he is?