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first timer

  1. thebussyinvader

    25YO (from NJ, USA) black guy who wants some first time interracial topping? Advice?

    I'm realizing I need to lose my top virginity. I bottomed for the first time in 2021; I was 24 and my top was 41 - it was an affair. I've dated more than 100 people (mostly long distance), and only 2 in person, with a few affairs in between. I've had 5 sexual partners, and only 1 was someone I...
  2. ryankeane

    1st post 23 uk

    Hi guys, not new here but finally got the courage and confidence to make a post. Here's to getting involved in this community...
  3. iambraddz

    South coast South Aussie Single

    Straight South coast South Aussie Single wants to meet a couple. First timer
  4. HunkNerd

    Erotic Story - 1st strip poker game

    1st Strip Poker Game Note : my neighbor As Tony and me As HunkNerd. I had just turned 18 and my neighbor, Tony, and I messed around a little bit. Tony was 3 years older than me but we were both living at home and going to college. He was in great shape with long hair and rugged, handsome...
  5. D

    Looking For First Time

    I am a straight NY older man who has always been curious. Not looking for sex, but a cool guy that might stroke together or even let me touch a dick for the first time. It would be kind of cool to see if I could make you cum with my hand. Very nervous, but willing to try with a sane, clean...
  6. 1

    Chicago Nw Burbs 1st Timer

    Gonna try this one more time... 37, white, average build, 5’8” / 190lbs, can hold my own below the waist (never disappointed anyone), married, D/L is absolute must - no apps or online chatting other than this site! I’m looking to have my first M/M action (bringing a lady friend would be fun...