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fit body

  1. P

    Tyson Sonnek tysonnek

    US Marine Tyson Sonnek. How is he not on here already?! Quite a bit on Insta, and occasionally on Snapchat.
  2. Angelgoodguy


    I am A BIG FAN of Jack Smith on instagram Login • Instagram and now he has Onlyfans OnlyFans
  3. H

    Hanno Swanepoel

    by xodusphotographer
  4. M

    Pablokura666, a hot latino

    he is selling videos contact his ig: @lois_skan2 https://twitter.com/pablokura666
  5. mEnSeEkEr

    Photos & Videos Myles Hart

    I felt like this gorgeous man really needs a thread here. This is Myles Hart, born 1991, actor, singer, dancer, model. He currently stars as Doctor Gotswana in the West End production of Book of Mormon. He's got an incredibly hansome face with a great smile and his body is to die for. He's also...
  6. J

    Hairy and Muscular thighs

    Starting a thread dedicated to men who have hairy/muscular thighs. I find muscular and hairy legs on men so attractive. Kicking it off with some examples attached. Please continue to add on your favorites so we can all enjoy!
  7. gnagna23

    A huge hello from Italy!

    Hi 23 y/o fit guy from Italy Looking to chat to some cool people!
  8. J

    New Snapchat Group For Muscle/Athletic/Fit Bros

    Add me with pictures or videos @DIONYJONAS
  9. Were_wolf98


    @santorey_88mx IS SUPER SEXY... His nudes must be out there! someone please share :')
  10. fede4287


    He is an instagramer and a tiktoker model. He is 20 years old and I do not rule out that he will soon become onlyfans. He is extremely hot! His instagram: doncarlos0 His TikTok: carlodordoni
  11. Impressive Sir

    Impressive Sir

  12. J

    Help me ID him

    Does anyone know who this guy is, I've looked everywhere and could only find these pics, any feedback helps.
  13. jackthecarup

    hot torso selfie hotel room

  14. selfies the man in the mirror

    selfies the man in the mirror

  15. fit big dicked selfies credential

    fit big dicked selfies credential

  16. RamblingCock

    Getting Fit at 60+

    Hey guys. I'm a 61 year old male who has been on a fitness trend after years of serious obesity from my late thirties until just a few years ago. I actively blog about it and related sexual issues on my blog The Rambling Cock. Recently I dropped below 200 lbs for the first time since the...
  17. J

    Handsome Fit Nudecaster

    Does anyone know more about this guy? The vids are a bit old from Clothesfree, but his name is apparently Adrian Diaz. He appeared in shows 130-134 and is never seen anywhere else. I’ve had no luck finding him online and what he’s up to now. Attached are the pics. :heart_eyes:
  18. G

    Photos & Videos Adolfo Esponda Inzunza OF adolfino.mx

  19. mirrored fit ass and gifted

    mirrored fit ass and gifted

  20. lips six pack and big cut cock. what more . .

    lips six pack and big cut cock. what more . .

  21. B


  22. T

    Photos & Videos MikeHunt3x

  23. amateur fit lad lekker hard dick

    amateur fit lad lekker hard dick

  24. caught in the nick

    caught in the nick

  25. RamblingCock

    Self Confidence vs Weight

    I just posted a blog entry on the topic of self confidence versus my weight fluctuation. I've found, over the years, that self-confidence is one of the sexiest traits in a person. Not arrogance, but being confident in who you are and how you present yourself. Weight, for me, plays a huge role...
  26. M

    Photo Juan Pablo Mazza - JP Mazza (Hot)

    Ok, why nothing on this hottie ?! He is super hot and apparently Top dominant...... Any nudes?
  27. theefboy

    Help ID This hot guy

    I found these photos a long time ago, but a long time ago, like 10 years ago, maybe? I wonder if some have or know something else. What does he look like today? Well, I would really appreciate your help.
  28. K

    28 Fit Us Top Guy For Fit Dads 38+

    SC eli_as629
  29. raddog1994

    35 M Bi Average/slim Build Looking For Younger Slim Or Fit Guys Or Girls. Hmu!

    35 m bi average/slim build looking for younger slim or fit guys or girls. HMU!
  30. panchoralsex

    Photos & Videos Guille Monzon @guillemonz