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flaccid dick

  1. D

    Photos & Videos Soft Cock/Flaccid Dick (Pics & Video)

  2. D

    Flaccid / Soft / Low Hangers On Of?

    Anyone know of OnlyFans profiles that show soft and hard? Love to see some low hangers and a flaccid soft cock ;)
  3. Ylmzcvk

    Photo Please Tell Me Who Is He?

    if u guys know this gif come from, him or the video name anything about it let me know. cause i'm literally obsessed about it!
  4. D

    My softi ..

  5. Barryitbarry

    7+ inches totally soft at the gym

    i just saw a new guy at my gym walking around the locker room with no towel. His dick was easily 7 inches long and he was totally soft and flopping. He sure wasn’t shy about it. I’d love to hear stories about similar locker room sights and, even better, if you’ve got your own example of 7+...
  6. K

    Showing off flaccid size in the sauna?

    I love to show off my cock to all the lovely people in our european, unisex, naked saunas. I always get looks from gay men / older women and I have seen some guys get hard and one 8/10 milf started flirting and asking about my size. Problem is that my flaccid size is very variable, some days I...
  7. David Lucaya

    Do you want to be a grower or a shower?

    So I was just having a conversation with my friends (both male and female) if it is preferable to have a grower or a shower and I thought it'd be an interesting discussion to have on here. During the conversation it became clear to me that majority of the guys wanted to be showers because they...