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flesh light

  1. TexaStud

    Video Fucking sex toy

    Enjoying this tight hole, hope y’all enjoy (;
  2. KingEspadas

    Fleshlight help

    Any good recommendations for flesh lights deeper than 9.5/10 inches?
  3. lux51

    Central New Jersey J/O bud wanted

    Looking for a regular Central Jersey J/O bud. Can host and usually free. Into frot, j/o, Fleshlight and possible oral. Ideally looking for someone close to my age (43), not a deal breaker, just looking of areas of possible interest. Hoping to create a steady arrangement. Have had too many “one...
  4. D

    Anyone know who this is?

    Does anyone know who this is in this video or if there is a longer video?
  5. K

    Fleshlight Skype Bate

    Hey guys looking to start a group of similar dudes for cam chill and fleshlight bate on skype. Add me if its somethin you wanna get into... 31 6ft 155lb 6.5 cut straight. Any buds for skype fleshlight bate? Add me on skype just lemme know what your lookin for: live:.cid.3c13028d76ab5024
  6. Sweatysocklover91

    Help finding full video

    Hi guys! Hoping someone on here can help me find the full length version of this porno without paying for it! Its called Blake and Mickey - From Toys to Fucking I have seen clips of it and it looks hot as fuck! And I want the full length version to get off to hah! Do your work people and help...
  7. collegeboxerboy

    Masturbating Sleeves/fleshlight Recommendations?

    Sup everyone, This might be the wrong place to post this (which if it is please let me know), but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on first purchase of a masturbating sleeve/ fleslight / fleshjack. I'm 7.5 inches and uncut if that helps, just wanted to see what options I've got...
  8. J

    Photo Who Uses A Fleshlight?

  9. D

    Zaddy Genres Help!

    I've been trying to find this guys solo's can anyone help me? He used to do porn for guybone and he makea such good solo's but cant find them anywhere
  10. 4

    Fuck My Fleshlight Pussy While You Wank Off

    Very keen to skype with a well hung huge big cock that is 8+ inches THE BIGGER THE BETTER age doesnt matter its the big cock I want to see while Im bent over hammering and pumping away. I really enjoy fucking my flesh light toy pussy over the end of my bed spreading my ass and legs wide , while...