flip fuck

  1. L

    Help me ID this hot threesome

    Can’t even begin to fathom the amount of times I’ve nutted to this video. Please help a bro out by ID’ing these sexy ass men. Came across this gem on Twi..(err) X. Here’s the link to the extended scene: Hot Threesome
  2. B

    Flip fucking porn where they change roles often back and forth

    Does anyone know good gay porn scenes where both guys flip fuck back and forth, changing roles very often during a scene? I'm looking for scenes like these: Casting Couch #426: Guido Plaza, Santiago Rodriguez (from 13:10): Casting Couch #426 Travis Stevens and Ashton Summers (from 18:20)...
  3. F

    Best flip flop scenes

    I saw there's no thread about flip flop. Since I'm almost only watch them I want to see what I missed. Send to the thread your best flip flop scenes.
  4. F

    True straight guys first time versatile

    I remember seeing several videos with so-called straight people fucking each other. There is for example a video with friends on a bed doing it for the first time like pornstars and this rather funny video where two porn actors play heterosexuals chosen for a reality show who have to fuck each...
  5. F

    Quick turn versatile porn

    One day I watched a scene where two guys were doing a flip flop and they were switching between top and bottom every 5 minutes. It was almost as if they were fighting over who was going to ejaculate first. Do you know of other videos where the two guys alternately fuck each other several times...
  6. F

    Flip flop : missed opportunities

    I'm quite a fan of flip flop and that's usually what I watch if I happen to watch a porn scene. I think in some of the scenes there were plenty of missed opportunities for memorable flip flops, not just between tops, but between guys who could give more. What scenes would you have liked to have...
  7. F

    Flip flop wishlist

    I think we all have porn actors we'd like to see in a good flip flop. For me : Alex Tikas and Jack Dixon Juanjo Rodriguez and Gianni Maggio Jason Collins and Vikktor Rom Halif Faruk and Teddy Torres Arad Winwin and Diego Sans What are yours?
  8. R

    True threesomes where everyone tops and bottoms for everyone else?

    I define true threesomes as a scene with 3 guys, where everyone has sex with everyone else. Both topping and bottoming for every other participant. I've noticed that it's extremely rare and unusual and you don't really see it because it's so difficult to pull off. Everyone must be not only...
  9. L

    Photo Need Identifying white guy in this africanprince video flip fucking hung white guy

    I think this was from an old OF vid and I dont know if the white guy also has a page they take turns flip fucking throughout the 20 minute video
  10. G

    Onlyfans Twinks Recs

    Any good content of onlyfans twinks fucking/any recs of users to subscribe to??
  11. EasyAJ

    Two Guys Fucking Each Other At The Same Time

    Is it possible? Can two guys fuck each other and get fucked by each other at the same time? Is there a video out there that shows this really hot fantasy of mine?
  12. T

    Flip Fuck- Bottom Cum Inside Top

    like the link blow from 04:55, bottom riding top's dick and ask top :'' do you want me to cum'' top reply:'' yes cum inside my ass'' so bottom cum inside top' ass. that was really hot, I really like the both breeding. The Real Flip fuck. If you have any similar videos please share :) Three...