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  1. jeromebiggs404

    2019-2020 Nfl Playoffs

    Any of you been watching the NFL playoffs? Whose your favorite team playing right now? SKOL Vikes
  2. 3

    Football And Rugby Teams

    Anyone else love looking at photos of football and rugby squads, seeing them in their kit, smiling, knowing that they all openly stand bollock naked in front of each other. Love the mix of different types of men too. New recruits who are early 20s alongside married men in their late 30s. Knowing...
  3. J

    Jake Schum

  4. Percival139383

    Extra Training

    So, I decided to try my hand at erotic writing and this was what transpired. I'm really enjoying it so there'll be more coming soon. I'd like to thank my amateur editor @Ferdi.LT for helping me. Enjoy!
  5. J

    Billy Gilmour

    billy gilmour
  6. D

    Lightskinned Nfl Rookie

    Jordan Franks is a player from Wakullah, Florida on the Cincinnati Bangals. He played college football at UCF. His ig is Jordan_Franks88
  7. B

    Wagner Limeira

    This former Brazilian football(soccer) player posed nude and hard for a Brazilian magazine called G Magazine in 2007. There used to be a 10-minute long video of the photoshoot that was very easy to find online, but now it is impossible to find. I was wondering if anyone had that video? Any...
  8. TNS77

    Can Anyone Id This Guy?

  9. T

    Christian Mccaffrey (american Footballer)

    A perfect specimen! Anyone know if there are any nudes out there...accidental locker room stuff or otherwise?
  10. B

    Sporting Dick Slips

    Anyone got any pics/gifs/videos of sportsmen dick slips? Doesnt matter which sport, I love seeing soccer and rugby guys cocks pop out on the field
  11. giocio

    Video Video id and info

    intrested to know if anyone knows anything about this vid, I’ve seen there’s a part 2 and 3 but I’ve only seen part 2.
  12. C

    Aaf (alliance of american football

    This is a new football league that begins its inaugural season tonight. We can expect tons of hot guys so if you find pics post here. Shirtless and other hot pics not just nudes!
  13. S

    Anderlecht footballplayer ognjen vranjes

    his dickpic is recently leaked but i can't find him. can anyone help?
  14. C

    Hi. can anyone id me this guy?

    Been looking everywhere for him he had a pornhub video but it was locked by the poster.
  15. G

    Photo Help getting this video and id

    Hey all! If anybody's kind enough: does anybody have this video? Also, could you help identifying him? Thanks!
  16. I

    Joaquin islas

    Does anyone have anything from him? I think he is a football player (realy big dick)
  17. W

    In new orleans tonight...

    I'm in the Marigny area of New Orleans today. Would love to connect with someone just looking to hang out, have some beers at Cutters or friendly, roll over to corner pocket and stuff dollar bills in strippers pants for a while and then maybe check out rawhide and see where everything goes. I...
  18. MyHardBigDick

    Photo Favorite football dick and hot locker room pictures

    This is a place to share favorite pictures of hot football jocks, and hot locker room pics. Feel free to post bulges, hot jock guys, no cup wearing jocks, butts, guys in uniform, and all them locker room files that turn you on. Let’s see some of our studs in action :p
  19. M

    Croatian soccer/football team

    Found these pics of the team relaxing after a World Cup game...
  20. L

    England world cup team

    Yooooo. Any1 got anything on the lads from this team, dele, Walker, sterling All sexi. Put ur pics ere...
  21. L

    England football lada

    anyone got any nudes of the England World Cup team Walker is fit