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forced orgasms

  1. J_Leroy

    Straight For Milking

    I’ve always had this fantasy of being tied and forcably milked but never done it. Its been a few years since I broke up with my ex and by the time I was over her lockdown happened so I’ve not been with anyone else in years. Now I want to live out this fantasy. I come to you, can travel to places...
  2. L

    Forced Or Risky Public Cum

    There are plenty of threads about cumming in public (though I’ll never get enough of them!), but wondering if anyone has stories or fantasies along the lines of one of my biggest: For years I’ve wanted to meet someone who would accompany me to a public place — truly public, like a normal bar or...
  3. yyzstevie

    Your Ultimate Fantasy

    what is your most sexual erotic fantasy and can it ever be fulfilled...?
  4. yyzstevie

    What Would You Do With The Cock Above You ?

    There are so many cocks out there I always imagine what some of them look like when I ride the subway in the mornings with my cock on display in tights...
  5. yyzstevie

    Cock Tributes

    Are there any guys out there that would tribute my cock or cockbulge pics I would be so happy and honoured if ya did?