1. jtheimpaler

    Spit - Has The World Moved On?

    So it’s 2021… Thought I’d check in on where people are at with spit play during sex? I’ve picked up a few bits from other threads and it certainly divides opinion. To contextualise it, for me (and always by mutual consent!) it’s anything from spitting on my cock (me or her) during foreplay...
  2. kcdave

    Is Kissing The Key To Passionate Sex

    For me, kissing starts everything. It can tell you if the person is interested or just horny. Passionate kissing really starts the emotions going. Caressing during kissing is hot too. Undressing each other can be very fun. The anticipation of a garment being removed to expose not only...
  3. UnCutBlackBull925

    Help! The Male Booty - Ladies Lets Talk

    First of all I'm glad there's a place I can finally asked women ( and get some advice from the guys) some help Why do women like the butt? I don't understand why I get spank back there and stuff. It feels weird but I know its give and take and not always about me. Secondly how can I feel...
  4. jackoliver

    Would you count foreplay as sex?

    Me and my boyfriend are having sex quite often but we don’t really top or bottom eachother. We either do oral sex and cum to eachothers faces or I just put my dick between his leg when he is on top and take his dick watch him spray all over me. Would you say that it’s a sex? Or is it also...
  5. funpeter43

    Amateur videos with a good setup before they go at it

    Seems like most amateur porn starts with them already going at it. Any good ones of the wife getting talked into fucking a friend, or perhaps seducing a friend, or doing a slow strip tease like this one? Where is the organic buildup?????