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foreskin foreskin restoring

  1. W

    Sensitive Dick

    I have a really sensitive dick when my foreskin's retracted. I like to keep the tip covered but when i get sucked or a get handjob my foreskin retracts and it's hard for me to put it back. So it stays down throughout until I'm soft again when I can resheath. Does anyone else get this problem of...
  2. Lost cover


    After many years of wanting this. I finally got it done and even done it my self. Check my new frenum piercing
  3. 3

    Foreskin Restoring For A Healthy More Sensitive Glans.

    Foreskin restoration has become a popular means for many men like myself, to overcome the physical and mental/emotional issues of male genital mutilation aka circumcision. While there are many who prefer or are glad to be circumcised, there are many who really wish they had not been. I have been...
  4. Rayb1054

    Foreskin restoration

    Hi my name is Ray I am a foreskin restoring guy that lives in the Buffalo New York area if anybody is in the Buffalo area that is restoring I would like to know about restoring I don’t mind talking In showingt guys about it I do it all the time