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  1. Dawgggg

    How Pumping Affects Uncut Men?

    I've been wondering for some time if I would ever pump my dick of attempt to get some extra girth/length with a pump. But I've not really seen many uncut men who do pump (or at least many photos). How will pumping your cock affect the foreskin? Will it cause it to deform or cause discomfort...
  2. B

    Fantastic Foreskin

    What ever happened to fantastic foreskin and their videos. Can’t find them anywhere online. Anyone have any links?
  3. D

    Only Two More Weeks With A Foreskin! Finally Getting Curcumcised!

    48859815557301488571148857914885841488585148828014882471 Finally - after having my surgery postponed earlier this year - I am now just two weeks away from my circumcision! I see the Urologist one more time next week for a final consult and to discuss the procedure and my preferences. I am asking...
  4. bob_hammer

    Actors Who Got Circumcised During Their Career

    Somebody know porn actors circumcised during their career?
  5. D

    Uncut Vs. Cut - The Great Debate!

    I’ve noticed that a lot of guys (myself included) seem to often prefer the opposite of what they have! Uncut guys often wish they were cut - and even electively are getting it done, and often preferring/envying cut cocks. Also - cut guys longing for uncut cocks, wishing they were uncut, and...
  6. J

    Sunday uncut & soft snaps...

    Just enjoying a few scotches and thought I'd take a few lazy pics...
  7. H

    Video Uncut latino cock (personal/amateur only)

  8. Dan4uguys

    Photo Classic lukas rdgeston

    One of the most beautiful porn models ever!