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frat guys

  1. StewartW

    Video Alternative outcome

    I recently watched the scene listed below.. and was really disappointed that the outcome was not different… would have been good for gay society and to show the world not all Frat boys are B………ds if they had got together at the end of this… what do others think? Seeing More | Disruptive Films...
  2. J

    Dan Hearn Model

    WOW! Has anyone seen this hot new model?! He’s insane. Look at this pics!! PRETTY | DAN HEARN | PORTFOLIO I want to see more, a lot more
  3. C

    Eli Hunter: World's Biggest Whore?

    Eli Hunter is the definition of a cumdumpster! He's the type that has no standards would let anyone fuck and breed him! He's probably the biggest whore that's ever been in gay porn if not the biggest whore who's ever walked on the earth. He's super slutty, easy, and trashy, but it's hot. He'll...
  4. F

    Links Does Anyone Know The Source Of This Video? Two Frat Guys Camming

    Trying to find more of these frat guy roommates trying to make some money by camming. Friends
  5. F

    Snapchat Fraternity Group

    I’ve been wanting to start a group for young, fit, straight (leaning) frat guys on snapchat. A lot of group chat’s I’ve seen on here tend to be inactive or older so the goal for this one is to keep it alive. This is gonna be a group where you can post your cumshots, compare size, share hookup...
  6. Shofixti

    College Men And Dorm Cock

    This forum has some great themed threads, but I can't see one dedicated to college guys. So I'll try to add to this over time.
  7. Dropplers

    Well-hung Guy At Party

    I love clips of real guys (not actors) goofing off at parties, pulling their long dicks out for fun, frat guys doing the helicopter, rocker dudes teabagging their drunk friends at festivals, putting their dicks on stuff... that sort of stuff. I thought we could share clips in this thread...