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  1. Dominus Socram

    Photos & Videos Kris Nash aka Mack of FRATMEN

  2. C

    Photos & Videos Anybody have any photos/vids of @t_blurredm?

    Hey you guys! I'm looking for anything on @t_blurredm from onlyfans. He also used to go by Dax from Fratmen.
  3. Sirnikonn

    Kelan Of Fratmen

    I'm a sucker for that tanline. The blond fuzz is super sexy too. image uploader
  4. b_gay216

    Sebastian Aragon / Fratmen Jace

    Does anyone have any links to social medias for this guy? Been looking for his socials for a long time. Jace was introduced by Fratmen in 2011. He joined Fratpad and had scenes for Fratmen Sucks. He came back in 2017 via Guys in Sweatpants as Sebastian (where he fucked Clark Parker)...
  5. R

    Fratmen Cash

    Anyone got info on this sexy boy? or where to find him on social media? Only found his solo vid and seems it's the only one on the web. Thanks heaps!;)
  6. alexrobbins

    Parker Thorn (chaosmen) / Travis (fratmen)

    Does anyone have any of his full videos or can at least post links to them? I can only find previews for his vids, especially the ones he did with Chaosmen
  7. reimaginethat

    Fratmen Shay

    Any content after shay left fratpad?