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  1. C

    Photo OMG WTH

    A great guy named Tim that I met on a dating site, things were going well so I asked to see what he has. Turns out he has some sort of a monster freak dick. He says he was born with it being like that. At least it's big, I'll give him that. https://monstercockland.com/photo/248501/omg-wth/
  2. ramblk1

    Any Recommendations For Good Sites For Meeting . . . .

    Does anyone have any good sites that they want to share to find big to huge dicks to play with? I am looking for individuals who want to play on the side.
  3. ramblk1

    Roll Call In Dmv

    Masculine men in DC
  4. 1

    Photo Tease.

    My my. The Reelness. ;)
  5. LghtFlii_16

    Rayshawn lockett

    I’m almost certain y’all knew this thread was missing from the collection, but my question is why? Sure, he may have played around with a touch of photoshop from time to time, but I still fuck with’em! It’s getting harder and harder to find his content anywhere, yet every-so-often I find a gold...