Photos & Videos Jahill aka Jah_Remy

  2. HimboJerk

    Hey fam! HimboJerk here. Let's pump each other UP!! :o)

    Hey there, fam! HimboJerk here. Just thought I would take the plunge and finally surrender to my inescapable kinks that have haunted me since puberty as a sexual (semi-)introverted gay male. Even in my 40s, I still get a guilty pleasure out of drawing silly toons about crazy muscle & monster...
  3. D

    Photos & Videos Let me Rank your freaky pics!

    Hey! I was hoping you guys would post your fav FREAKY and KINKY pics of yourself for me to rank out of 10! I’ll be super honest but not unkind or harsh. Your pics/videos can be essentially anything (even if i don’t specifically have that kink) but for the love of God please don’t post anything...
  4. R


    Does anyone have anything on this guy?? Super hot - used to be subscribed to him and totally worth it.
  5. C

    Photo OMG WTH

    A great guy named Tim that I met on a dating site, things were going well so I asked to see what he has. Turns out he has some sort of a monster freak dick. He says he was born with it being like that. At least it's big, I'll give him that.
  6. ramblk1

    Any Recommendations For Good Sites For Meeting . . . .

    Does anyone have any good sites that they want to share to find big to huge dicks to play with? I am looking for individuals who want to play on the side.
  7. ramblk1

    Roll Call In Dmv

    Masculine men in DC
  8. 1

    Photo Tease.

    My my. The Reelness. ;)
  9. LghtFlii_16

    Rayshawn lockett

    I’m almost certain y’all knew this thread was missing from the collection, but my question is why? Sure, he may have played around with a touch of photoshop from time to time, but I still fuck with’em! It’s getting harder and harder to find his content anywhere, yet every-so-often I find a gold...