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  1. G

    Hot guys wearing fur / fur collar

    I'm quite new so I don't know if I'm in the right place but let's give it a try! I am a fur fetish, i.e. I like wearing fur and people wearing fur. Does anybody know male performers or actors who wore fur on set / video? It includes jackets with a fur collar (Canada Goose, Parajumpers, Moncler...
  2. tlotz

    Hairy, Muscular Backs

    Anyone have pics of muscle bears from behind? It's a particular turn on when a man's lats and shoulders (and more) are all covered in fur -- it's very primal looking. I'll start with myself. Looking to get bigger and let the fur fly. What do you got?
  3. C

    Muscles and fur

    I couldn't see a thread for muscular/bodybuilder types with hairy chests so I thought I'd start one
  4. bigirishman

    Photo Offensively hairy muscly men

    Hi I love HAIRY men. The type that is almost offensive but somehow irresistible. Hairy muscly men even better! Black thich or curly hair that looks like a sweater and im dripping. I would live your help in gathering these pics videos etc in one place. Looking forward to this. BigIrish