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  1. Web capture_24-3-2022_9527_www.lpsg.com.jpeg

    Web capture_24-3-2022_9527_www.lpsg.com.jpeg

    You could of not placed two photos side by side any better than these two
  2. camt

    Links Promote Your Albums !

    Hey fellas drop the links to your albums to promote, i’ll start here: https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/some-of-me.395251/ your turn ;)
  3. 5

    Gallery Settings Question

    Do the settings for the album supersede any settings you have set for individual pictures? For example: I have a gallery called Photos. I have set the settings for that gallery to: View this album: Registered Users Comment On This Album: Registered Users However if I go to a specific photo and...
  4. 9

    Gallery Content I Have Liked.

    Is there a link to see the gallery posts I have liked/favorited?
  5. 1

    Hello all, i’m new to lpsg

    I hope everyone has had a good day, I’m looking for friends on here. My names Nate and I’m 28. Feel free to check out my gallery ☺️