gang showers

  1. A

    Gang / communal showers on TV and in movies

    A new thread to post details of your favourite open / gang shower scenes in TV programmes and movies.
  2. Showerfancrazy

    Links Communal/Gang Showers

    Classic, Vintage, Old School, what ever you want to call it. Still the best vids ever. It becoming harder and harder to find those amateur, real hidden cam style. Super big in 90s. Now it’s all stagged and acted. If you know where to find any of these hidden gems. Pls share how you did and leave...
  3. M

    Communal and Open Gym/pool Showers in Brisbane

    Does anyone know any good open or communal gang style showers in Brisbane? does not seem to any around.
  4. B

    Colorizing Classic Male Nudity

    There are many black-and-white photos of male nudity from the mid-20th century on this site, usually focusing on nude bonding and camaraderie in athletic and military settings (for example, see "Life Magazine Archives"). I thought I would try to colorize some of these using online AI photo...
  5. JayPR

    Are communal or gang showers dissapearing?

    If you're over 35 or 40 years old, you remember when locker rooms at school, college or at the gym, included communal showers, also known as gang showers. Basically, it was a big spacious room with a lot of shower heads, no division or curtains, where everyone used to shower together. In the...
  6. D

    Open showers / gym in madrid

    Hey guys, looking for a good gym to join in Madrid since I'll be there for the summer. Any place that has open gang showers? Or steam room, or sauna, or even showy vibe in general? Also any nude places to hang in or around there? Thanks!