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  1. nopullout25

    breaking my celibacy without breaking my hole

    i’ve been celibate for about 3 years now & i tried to open up for a well endowed str8 man. needless to say i didn’t tap out but managed to get myself raped lol. what tips & tricks would you larger men suggest on training a hole quickly/opening up a hole? str8 men: below is my hole & what i’d...
  2. U

    Cumming into gaping hole

    couldn’t find a thread with this already so I’m starting one. This thread is for videos where the top cums into a bottoms hole while it’s gaping. here’s an example: Skip to 30:35 Calvin Banks Barebacks Tannor Reed at GayPorno.fm
  3. B

    rough tops fucking the piss out of their bottom/ wrecking and gaping their twink hole

    looking for some links of bottoms (preferably younger twinks) getting pounded out so rough that they just can’t hold it i’m finding vids like this hard to find, but here’s some of my favs/examples: https://m.boyfriendtv.com/videos/654763/hard-banging-3way/ GayForIt - Free Gay Porn Videos -...
  4. C

    Gaping Mouths / Mouths Wide Open / Tongue Out

    usually seen when someone's waiting for a cumshot but can apply to just about any pic/vids where they stick their tongue out and open wide! straight, gay and transgender content all welcome. Cassidy Klein Petite casting cutie takes on big dick Christiana Cinn Gdfg Porn Gif | Pornhub.com...
  5. A

    Farting While Getting Fucked In Gay Porn?

    I find farting while getting fucked and gaping holes to be really hot in gay porn videos, and I wanted to know if there were any more clips that people wanted to share of this. It happens a lot in TimTales videos, but not really much anywhere else. Here are some that I like: Logan Rogue and...
  6. E

    Identify This Gif Please!

    Hi guys I’m really freaking out! I have only this 2 gifs....can someone tell me where are this taken? Porn video link or name of the boys. Please!!!!
  7. S

    Video Extreme Kinky Anal Gape With Fabreez Can And Screwdrivers

    I was bored and horny at work today and wanted my ass to be filled up sooo badly that I went on the hunt to find some objects to stretch my ass out with and make me feel naughty ;)
  8. P

    Vaginal Stretching\massive Entries

    I'm just curious on what the average opinions are with women that love the feeling of their vagina being stretched during sex or just normal play. It's not that I'm scared or fear of judgement if I ask my girlfriend, I just don't want to come of as awkward lol. Sometimes you hear people talk bad...
  9. 87654r

    Guys gaping

    Post pics and vids of guys with gaping holes. Love seeing used guys
  10. D

    Photo Boyfriend open my hole

    pic content deleted
  11. F

    Morphing pussy: tight pussy lips that stretch/open/gape when penetrated

    I'm obssesed with girls that have a tight/small looking pussy but ass soon as they get penetrated they're pussys just opens up. Haley Sweet is the perfect example specially in that scene with shane diesel: Look at her tight pussy lips glued together at 14:10 And as soon as he enters at 14:31...
  12. 5

    The missing genre - fisting, stretching, gaping, large cunt amateurs

    As some people complain about some "off topic" videos in these threads: The missing genre - big dildo amateurs Deepest Vagina Missing Genre I start a new one...