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gay 4 pay

  1. P

    gay sex holiday

    What’s the best city in Europe for gay sex? Some years ago, I heard that somewhere in Romania was good. Not sure how true that was. Anyway, I want to go on a holiday, stay in a hotel and just have nonstop sex with guys - escorts or not it does not matter. What’s the best place in Europe for that?
  2. Lisabon123


    Hi! I just started onlyfans today, as of now it’s still free and I will be posting quite regularly! I have twitter as well: both are “dayekaye” would you guys subcribe to my onlyfans just by looking at these examples? Do you think I should continue? there’s more where these came from ofcourse
  3. L

    The Japanese porn is the worst on Earth. Change my mind! (I doubt!)

    Pixels, pixels, pixels... accursed pixels! Even the actor's face is censored in some videos! As if it were not enought, without men-to-men/boy-to-boy sex, only fucking straight porn in a "gay" site! You see the thumb with a super hot boy (like Hiroto) and think: "It's today that I see a wondrous...
  4. M

    Crave from BiLatinMen

    Crave is one of the hottest tops on BiLatinMen. I love his body, cock, and long lashes. I haven’t seen him in a long time. Where the hell is this man?? Anyone know anything about him??
  5. Suitguy

    New guy (italian former model)

    Hi there, I am a 28 years old italian male. I am 185 cm tall, love training to be in shape, and mostly wear classy clothes (shirt, ties, jackets). I was a professional model and sometimes I model on streaming sites to earn some cash (my thick cock helps). I do that because I love showing off...
  6. M

    Rubdown for straight guy

    looking to give straight guy a rubdown in Los Angeles, 32 year old here, prefer my age.
  7. M

    Beefcake hunter Models BCH

    where does the guy from Beefcake hunter find his models? does anyone know any of their names/only fans accounts?
  8. M

    Nam Thomas

    This man has one of the best asses on Instagram. I am obsessed with it. His squatting videos are absolutely mouth watering. IG: namnamnamm What turns me on even more is he has done some porn with Chaos Men as Dixon back in 2010. It would be hotter to see him naked now since his ass and thighs...
  9. M

    Angelo D’Luca

    This hot man Angelo D’Luca has done some straight porn. But has admitted to being Pansexual. In a jackoff video, he talked about his first time getting fucked by a guy. He was interested in filming a scene with a guy, but nothing came of it. Where is this sexy man? Is he still alive? His IG is...
  10. d3m3trius

    Should onlyfans and justforfans content creators be tested for STD’s like the porn industry??

    I thought about this topic and give this topic great thought. Also I am interested in how others feel about this topic as well. do y'all feel like this will open Pandoras box if it becomes a requirement for std checks to be screened before shooting with other content creator...
  11. N

    Photos & Videos Hidden Cam Mexican

    Anyone else out there found the Hidden Cam Mexican content hot? I've found a few full length vids out there but it's mostly under the radar and I know the content is extensive. Any content of the like would be greatly appreciated :) That old white guy sure did know how to suck some latino dick...
  12. A


    Straight curious 19 y’old cash dom looking for subs willing to pay to be owned or commanded. Leave your pictures and Snapchat’s below if you can afford having a good time.
  13. KTOSLosek

    Private Videos

    Hey everyone I'm going to have my birthday soon and i think that would be great to see some cool hot well build guy jerking off for me..... Do you know which gay pornstars are doing private videos/videos on demand? If yes, which site ?
  14. C

    Chicago Guy Seeks Show Offs

    Chicago gay guy here into J/O with straight show offs. Spent formative years jerking with straight buddy who must have realized pretty early how big his cock was and always was flashing it for me. Yes, it was a turn on (nothing physical ever happened). It wasn’t until my 20s when I realized my...
  15. marcmarc

    Photo I Need Some Help Anyone Know Who Are They ?

    I have found picture both of them on twitter but no information about it. I already search by picture but got nothing If you can help me with it thank you :innocent:
  16. Arturis1

    Photos & Videos Ymse (young Men Stripped & Embarrassed)

    Hey guys, I couldnt see a thread dedicated to discussing and trading YMSE content so I thought id start one. If anyone's up for trading send me a message :)
  17. Spartacuss

    Big Harry - Bigharrys Onlyfans

    Here we are, this sexy straight man deserved to have a group. I hope we can all get his videos from onlyfans :p
  18. W

    Who Is This Hot Guy?

    Anyone know who this guy is?
  19. Y


    alguém sabe onde encontro os vídeos dele completo?
  20. Gemini1995

    What Draws You To Onlyfans?

    Hi all! I am looking into onlyfans as I want to know what draws people into onlyfans?? Is it because someone is famous? Is it because of the videos and pics they post out? Do you have a preference on the price? Is it the types of videos? I am curious and would love to make an onlyfans that...
  21. E

    London Escorts_any Recommendations?

    Has anyone got recommendations who’s the best escort in London? Pictures, videos and best experience please? Thanks ever so much!
  22. B

    Photo Anyone Know The Names Or These Two?

  23. Psyro77


    Anymore on dupa_dop3 aka @xElRey_Savagex on twitter
  24. J

    Real Straight Goes Gay

    I hate watching a ‘str8 to gay’ porno and knowing it’s fake. So please share any videos, photos, links etc of real or what your think is real straight men doing naughty gay things. Cheers ❤️
  25. J

    Real Straight Men Go Gay

    I hate watching a ‘str8 to gay’ porno and knowing it’s fake. So please share any videos, photos, links etc of real or what your think is real straight men doing naughty gay things. Cheers ❤️
  26. masc4thanos

    Best Vintage Falcon Studios Scenes And Movies

    Lately I have been very drawn to vintage gay porn from the early 2000s back to the mid 1980s. The men were just hotter, fucked better, and were produced and directed better. Falcon Studios in particular has provided me with some great content so I was wondering if anyone here would to share some...
  27. T

    Gay4pay Casting Couch Videos

    I love gay4pay! That fine line between gay and straight especially when guy are caught on video * saying they have a gf or like sex with girls *talking about what they will or will not do *awkard with other guys sexually *straight pornstars who have a secret gay porn past *gay4pay guys on the...
  28. james677b

    Gay Men Try Pussy

    Hey so I am not sure which heading suits best for this thread but I figured this would be the best? I am not sure either if this has been done before so my sincere apologies, please direct me to the thread of it's been posted before. That being said, I really want to see gay men trying pussy...
  29. B

    Gay For Pay On Onlyfans And Just4fans

    Hey everyone, I recently saw an article that discussed straight men that made gay for pay content on onlyfans, but I don't think the writer understood what gay for pay means, as all the performers listed were just straight guys who got naked and had straight sex for gay audiences, the most 'gay'...
  30. B

    Can Anyone Tell Me The Title Of This Movie?

    Hi, I found this video on Telegram and I'd like to know the title of the movie. If anyone could help me identify it, that would be great. Apparently the video has a title (straight guys/ easy money for the str8 guys) but it seems it's not the title of the movie itself