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gay bear

  1. Edhornyh

    Hey There!

    Hello everyone! I’m new here I’m 20 years old and from Chile As you can see from my profile pic, i’m kinda big and hairy, so if you’re into that stuff don’t hesitate to talk to me over dm’s! (When i eventually can, as it looks like new users can’t lol)
  2. S

    Blonde And Ginger Arabs

    Here is a different topic about blonde Arab guys or fingers ( enjoy)
  3. C

    Wank Buddy London And Bukkake Party

    I'm going to do a bukkake party end of November in London, I'll be the cum pig. If you guys are interested you are very welcome.
  4. J

    Ian Parks

    Any pics on this sexy bear? instagram.com/real_ian_parks
  5. BecauseImHorny

    Looking For A Boyfriend

    I'm looking for a boyfriend. Until I find him I'll enjoy looking at the pictures and videos. Let's get this out of the way right now: I'm poz & undetectable since 2003. Undetectable = untransmittable. Know your status. Let's get this out of the way too: Anally, I'm a versatile bottom. I...
  6. Tayfun Bilgin

    Ig: Omeraltinkopru

    ig: omeraltinkopru
  7. J

    Tpobasky Doing A Bit Of Stalking

    Apparently he has a lil crush an a construction worker. Cute!
  8. J


    Any vids of this sexy bear? onlyfans.com/walkerbaitwill94
  9. J


    Bump! Any vids for this handsome stud? onlyfans.com/thebritishbear1
  10. 1

    Hey Guys How Does This Work

  11. cronowerk

    Son for daddy here

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself. I'm 21 years old, athletic, and gay. I'd really love to chat with any dads who are interested in fantasizing with me about having dad/son sex. I've also been super curious about sucking daddy's cock and love the idea of a daddymaking...
  12. jackoliver

    Back hair

    How are you guys handling with back hair? What is your best solition to remove it?
  13. F

    Edging, milking, wanking; in sydney

    Keen to explore milking and edging a hot guy. I’d like to tease a guy for hours with my hands, tickling and stroking his dick, thighs, and balls. Brushing his nipples, and many times bringing him close to cumming, but not quite letting him. Teasing, edging, stroking, talking dirty, maybe you...
  14. emma008panda

    Photo Aussie.beef

    aussie.beef on IG. If u have more u can help :)
  15. B

    Help me find this gay daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to find this dilf ASAP!
  16. C

    Photo Thehoneybearla

    Anyone got nudes of this stud Jordan.
  17. jorgerworld

    Francisco Jose Alvarado

    FRANcisco José Alvarado. Sooo hot. He is a doctor and Mr. Gay Spain 2018. Also full naked photos of him in Guillermo Ruas page. Has anyone have them to share? FRANcisco José Alvarado (@fj_alv) • Instagram photos and videos
  18. P

    Anybody know who this guy is?

    I've been looking for him for months but I can't find anything.If you know who he is please reply with his name.
  19. S

    Photo Joshua raymond leduc

    His IG is Joshua Leduc (@joshuaraymondleduc) • Instagram photos and videos Anything else on him?