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gay bodybuilder

  1. P

    Photo Chris Coudron (IG: @coudron)

    In spite of the risks of doxxing this guy, I'm posting some of his hottest pics I found online. He (imo) deserves his own thread amongst other instagays. Please DO post his pics if there are others ;) IG: @coudron
  2. A

    Super BiG BUTT Asian hot Bodybuilder

    @shuianguizu on instagram Massive ass
  3. Chank

    Daddy Bodybuilder fuck twink

    I've been dying to watch the full version of this video (link below). Anyone has the link? Or atleast the name of the bodybuilder? Plsss. https://thegay.com/videos/330872/daddy-bodybuilder-fucks-twink/
  4. M

    Steve Benthin / Hans Hoffmann

    Has any man ever hooked up with this bodybuilder in any way....specifically him BOTTOMING. I have this fantasy that he is a closeted power bottom. I love it when he stops leaning and gets thicker. That's when his ass gets really plump. A man with an ass like that can't be 100% straight. It...
  5. H

    Czech Muscle

    Anyone got videos from czechyoungmuscle.com? The guys on there were extremely hot. Would love to find more of their older clips. CzechYoungMuscle - Preview videoclip 1
  6. J

    Benjamin Weil (benvyle)

    Look at this massive beefcake! He has a great ass and you should see what he used to look like! All skin and bone back then, and now, lots of eating and anabolic steroids did him real good! Also good friends with Paul McNulty!
  7. A

    Bottom Bodybuilder Denny Scobar Big Butt

    LOVELY SEXY Colombian bodybuilder Denny Scobar with a huge yummy butt His account available on Watch Denny_Scobar live on Chaturbate! Im in love, wow
  8. W


    Hey I'm new here so I decided to introduce myself. My name is Andrew, I'm a small Gay Model with a little Fanbase. I do shorts and underwear Modeling. I live in Germany and live single in an apartment. Never had any sexual interaction and was never really in a relationship. Also I love the...
  9. M

    Help Me Find These Tumblr Clips

    Hey guys, Looking for two hot Tumblr clip. 1. 2 guys on bed one laying on his back and the other on his knees in front of him. Camera angled to only see guys on his knees. The guy on knees is sucking guy on back slowly saying "you deserve this""you're such a stud" then sucks him off. 2. Two...
  10. A

    Photo Gaylor_swift13

    Twitter: @gaylor_swift13 Instagram @gaylor.swift Anyone have any pics of him???
  11. Isiahsin434

    Butterface Men

    please post butter face men a ugly face men with nice muscular body
  12. Isiahsin434

    Choon Tan, Britain’s Smallest Bodybuilder At 4ft 10in

    Choon Tan, Britain’s Smallest Bodybuilder At 4ft 10in Dwarf Entertainers for hire. Dwarf Hire Agency UK He stripped for men I wish I was in the uk CHOON Height: 4'6" Location: London & South East Covers Essex, Kent, London, Brighton. **The UK's only Dwarf Stripper** Areas covered...
  13. Isiahsin434

    Male Bodybuilders Asses

    This thread is decided to Male Bodybuilders Asses please post male bodybuilders asses
  14. Maksim

    [m4m] Becoming An Alpha Male

    This is my first story. I got bored and decided to try my hand at it. Even though this is fiction, I'm going to describe my own body as accurately as I can and use memories of people I've encountered. Pictures are of me. The background is real, but the encounters come from my imagination...
  15. 1

    Spotter [m/m muscle worship]

    [Opening of a planned series based on fantasies coming from my own encounters at the gym (I like to worship and be worshipped). I'm a writer and amateur bodybuilder, hoping to self-publish in the future to help pay the expenses that come with muscle-building (protein, supplements and food are...
  16. Isiahsin434

    Why do fat gay men body shame muscular gay men

    Reason why I asked this question is I seen this a lot lately a lot of fat gay men are criticizing and body shaming muscular gay men ?
  17. N

    Photo Any details on @irreversible_1

    @irreversible_1 • Instagram photos and videos This guy is hot! And from the pics he posts on instagram looks like he is kinky too . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks