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gay club

  1. 1

    Advice On Making Gay Friends

    Hey im 20 and live in the south and just moved and have no lgbt friends and i have been to a few gay clubs and drag shows and i always leave feeling more alone than before because no one talks to me. Is the gay community just hard to get into or am I doing it wrong I just want friends that are...
  2. Isiahsin434

    Do you agree with this article from pink news

    How straight people should behave in gay bars It’s kind of funny the ones who are upset about this article are bisexual people and Non binary people and I Kinda agree with this article
  3. WatchStr8Sex

    Straight couples fuck in a gay club

    Some years ago, there was a dance club in Melbourne Australia with great music, awesome crowd, no violence. It was an underground private club that was ostensibly gay and apart from the usual amenities found at any other club and a significantly lower ambient light level for such a place, had as...